Friday, August 1, 2008

Zero Tolerance

Once Marx wrote the proletariat have nothing to lose but to win the world. The have-nots of all faiths dreamt for a new world where all inhuman sufferings will end. But Mullahs of Islam could not be inspired. Their influence in the Muslim community was (is) so strong they were largely successful in keeping the community out of touch from the philosophy of the communist. While the Christians, Hindus or Buddhists were attracted in larger number and also their nations were converted to communism, the Muslims particularly Arab world, Africa or other Muslim dominated Asian nations remained insensitive to the communism. Muslim living as a minority in countries also preferred to live in isolation in the last century and they were made to believe that their prophet Muhammad delivered everything in the middle age what scientific socialism in modern day world failed to offer. In other word, communists were seen as enemy of Islam.
Muslims were made to believe of an world fully converted to Islam and co-existence with others was not tenable. In order to concur the world and to fly the flag of Islam, violence was the only mean to perish all non Muslims wherever possible. The much talked about peace initiative of Muhammad through a non aggression treaty with Jews in Arabian desert was only to strengthen its network and consolidate its force to eliminate non-believers of Islam as the middle age history speaks in clear terms.
The fall of Byzantine civilization in Constantinople is a shame in the world history. Constantinople being the secular state was famous for practice of advance learning and culture that contributed much in progress of world civilization. The Muslims invasion and massacre destroyed the Byzantine civilization only to spread Islam and nothing else. The destruction has resulted in complete darkness in Arabian peninsula shattering progress of mankind. In theory or practice, violence was considered as the only tool to sustain and concur the world through Jihad. Hence Talibanisation being the more violent and aggressive form of Islam is inseparable from the core concept of Quran.