Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Insane

Insane roams everywhere. Right from the governing body of a country or organisation to a family. Amazingly, the insane speaks volumes everywhere without substance and pretends to be wise. Basically the abnormal lot enjoys good position, demands attention from others. They are out and out dishonest in thoughts and deeds. While caught, they pretend to be innocent and to have committed the wrongs under pressure; but of what? No answer.

One such story teller came closer to win me in order to draw some cash benefits. I was, however, able to recognise the insane and gladly paid some cash for her enjoyment and left the place with the remark attributed to her to be careful in spending the counterfeit notes of money. She at once gave me back the notes with the reply,  "There is a bigger insane and a fraud than me ! I must now change my ways of dealing. Its a set back for me indeed !"

I laughed and laughed at the stupid insane and happily spent those original notes by buying classic brand of cigarettes from a devil smokers' outlet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Game Indeed !

Recently a consumer affairs minister of the state government in Calcutta remarked in a traders' meet that he didn't find reason in opposing entry of American retail giants include Walmart into Indian market while Chinese substandard retail commodities were already flooded in Indian retail market. With this remark, he welcomed modern management technology and tools in retail outlets in Indian commodity markets. Organised retail chains are already in existence through Metro Cash & Curry (a German wholesale retail outlet) and many others by Indian monopoly corporates. Right from mobile phones to clothes, foreign commodities are being sold in competition with Indian goods in peaceful coexistence. The party in power in the city objects entry of FDI in retail chains but welcomed in infrastructure sector like electricity, highways etc. etc.Yet the main concern is to oppose reduction of subsidy in LPG that really hit hard to the common men. The LPG issue is not totally settled by leadership at 10 Janpath Road, New Delhi that exposed in raising demand by a central food minister against the move of the center. To the office of the PM, the principal issue is FDI in retail chain to settle which is why a clever game is played by putting both FDI and LPF/ diesel price hike in the same card. If one is forced to compromise, the other will be sorted out for acceptance under pressure. Perhaps, the straight game would have backfired. A good game indeed !

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"No To Reservation In Promotion"

For the first time in the history in independent India the Parliament heard slogan yesterday from the law makers against reservation in promotion in government jobs. Members in the upper house supporting the ruling government were up in arms against 'hurried' and 'unconstitutional bill to extend reservation of Scheduled Cast/Scheduled Tribes in promotion in government jobs with retrospective effect i.e. year 2005'. 

One major partner of the ruling regime and its national leader were heard saying. "we'll not allow to make those senior employees as junior by the  move." The opposition was so aggressive that led to the physical scuffle with other few members supporting the bill. Visible that those sellers of reservation cards in a vote bank politics are now in back foot. The ruling major party and those few promoters of reservation were also blamed to divert from the issue of corruption and coal-gate scam to the proposed reservation. From the happenings yesterday, it transpired that the move to get the reservation passed by both upper and lower house of Parliament are not going to be materialized. 

It was very much expected from a government headed by none other than a noble and meritorious economist would move the issue in a right earnest to ensure a system of check and balance in promoting the deserving efficients to find the right place in government administration in order to deliver desired result to the benefit of the citizens and address the issue of welfare measures for real needy communities including SC/ST/OBC etc. But things were moved in wrong direction that compromised the basic tenets of the constitution. As an admirer of a great teacher and economist decorating the chair of the Prime Minister, I feel bad for what was observed recently on the issue. 

Monday, September 3, 2012


She is no more visible. Her shadow reminds her presence all the time. While a kid was badly needed her sweet company she left making her boy orphan. She made him a subject of neglect and torture by the surrounding. The boy grew young with a heavy heart unlike his contemporaries.

In youth, she came back with a different face  promising not to desert him ever. She took him to river, temple and rose garden to make him happy. Suddenly, she left never to come back leaving a bunch of memories.

At last, she appeared with a broken heart promising to stay for ever. But his heart is already dried with nothing to recall her except waiting for the final bell to ring for a final departure.