Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kabir rejects Mohit

Kabir Sayed
2 Feb (4 days ago)
to me
Mohit Roy's views are absolutely "bakwas" and not supported by evidence. No where in Quran it is said what Mohit wanted to say. He must be in his imaginary world.

My reaction:

Yes, yes. Syed Edward Kabir is correct. I found in Quran something different. Yes, it is true that Islam being the important religion of the world is against the concept of worshiping idol as a god. There is a similarity with Bible which also rejects idol worshiping. There may be many such. But that does not mean that the historical piece of books like Quran or Bible advocated to destroy idol worshipers. What is said as idol worshipers are nothing but Kafeer (non-believer) of Islam and Muhammed fought against Jews and other inhuman force to sustain as a separate community called Islamist and later signed an agreement with them for peaceful co-existence what was subsequently breached by more violent section in both communities. That's the history. 

The point is the world is divided among the followers of god with or without idol and the atheist who do not believe in god. Hence I find no qualitative difference/ rift between the former. They exist like two leafs a bud like tea. The bud is like a  god seen or unseen. The two leafs manifest idol worshipers and its opponent. New world religion called 'humanism' supersedes to all old concepts and practices of Islam, Christianity or Hindu (Vedic dharma). My friend Mohit may be surprised that my learned friend Dr Kabir a couple of years ago signed a writ petition affirming his religion as 'Humanism' in Calcutta High Court with the assistance of his lawyer Sadan Ray Chaudhuri. But Kabir said he is now a Muslim. Yet I don't find anything wrong in it. Because his broad heart and his pedigree has taught him to respect other religions.