Friday, February 11, 2011

Money Bags

"घोटाले  का पैसा ! 
आदर्श हो या स्पेक्ट्रम टु-जी
राजा हो या चवान  जी 
चुप रहे क्यूँ मनमोहनजी 
काले नाणे को वापस लाओजी
राजीनामा देकर मत छूटोजी !
निचे लिखी कहानी सब पढ़ोजी    

Indians are poor but INDIA is not a poor country". Says one of the Swiss bank directors. He says that "280 lac crore" of Indian money is deposited in Swiss banks which can be used for 'tax less' budget for 30 yrs. Can give 60 crore jobs to all Indians. From any village to Delhi 4 lane roads. Forever free power supply to more than 500 social projects. Every citizen can get monthly 2000/- for 60 yrs. No need of World Bank & IMF loan. Think how our money is blocked by rich and corrupt politicians. The country has full right to know he detail about the beneficiaries."
                                                                  Forwarded by Jagannadha Rao
 Also few lines:
Today our prime minister Dr. Singh inspired the IAS probationaries to be honest and kind towards the poor and tribal Indians. He informed the corrupt people are depriving the poorest of the poor from their basic needs. He asked not to compromise with the corrupt people in social life and administration. Perhaps, our learned and old prime minister has forgotten that the snakes should not be trusted, they bite even to the charmers. He should have considered to wind up those service cadres and replace them with technocrats to head the ministries, departments and statutory bodies in order to bring transparency and deliver desired results. The proposed changes in the system may bring positive changes to minimise corruption.