Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Was Jinnah Right ?

Shri Lal Krishna Advani ji was pulled up by the RSS bandwagon a few years back. His only guilt was he laid wreath on graveyard of Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Jinnah is seen in India as a traitor who divided India, a power lover, a Muslim fanatic and a killer of millions of Hindus and Sikh Punjabis, Hindu Sindhris etc. in communal riots soon after the declaration of independence of both the countries. In India, hardly a citizen believes that Jinnah was a peace loving person, a democrat or a secular person who extended rights to non-Muslims in Pakistan. But things are presented in a different way in a section Indian print media.

The Statesman in its 17 October 2010 issue printed a write up of ‘a veteran Pakistani commentator on public affairs’ with a title Jinnah was right . The columnist informed the readers that there was an abortive attempt to suppress Jinnah’s desire for equality of religions and the freedom to practice them all without fear or favour. In his ‘famous’ address on 11 August 1947 to Pakistani constituent assembly the secular constitution of the country was supposed to be laid. And the two countries will remain as good neighbors. But his desire was buried in his graveyard.

The fact suggests that Pakistani Constitution was drafted and passed by their legislative assembly with Islam as a state religion without any protection and rights to the non Muslims while Jinnah was very much alive. The constitution was left with many gaps by which the subsequent rulers could find many scopes to amend in favour of a theocratic and dictatorial state with very little space for democracy. Those rulers found natural friends in the enemies of India and left no stone unturned to destabilize India with the slogan of Jihad. Once I heard Benazir Bhutto raised Jihad to fight India for thousand years. Lets not to mention of those army dictators cum presidents of that country those who did nothing for their country except breeding militancy either to destroy communists of Afghanistan or to destabilize India. And the country of 63 years exists with a begging bowl is unable to protect its Muslim citizens in millions affected by the devastating flood. Yet those beggars have a choice of receiving fund of 5 million dollars from India through the UN.

I don’t require filling my empty stomach with the sale proceeds of a news paper with the publication of a sensational story. After crossing over 63 years, it’s foolish to find reasonability in Jinnah and creation of Pakistan. It’s the need of the hour is to extend all support to our brothers and sisters living life in hell with no prospect and no future. The enlightened new generation in Pakistan is no way willing to recall and repeat the history only for destruction. It is the realization of the time that the human civilization is much greater than Islam, Hindu or Christian etc. The wonderful human race living on the western frontier of India is there to contribute many things in art & culture, games & sports, science & technology and new thoughts to the world. Bin Laden & its gang will face the same fate as that of Hitler, Mussolini, Bush etc. those who failed to convert their entire nationalities to racist or fanatic barbarian.