Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The question comes to my mind why a wall mart like company is opposed in India. What this retail corporate will do harm to the Indian market? Any company takes time to popularise its brand value besides setting its own house in order. Indian opposition is up in arms why Dr Monmohan Singh sold out his country by inviting an US retailer on Indian soil. How a country of 110 million people could be sold out just by inviting a retail outlet could not be understood.

I already wrote about Chinese 3rd graded commodities smuggled into the Indian retail market and Indian consumers are regularly cheated. But Chinese whole sellers through Indian retailers are making trillions of dollars. India in sixties experienced how 'Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai' (India China are brothers) boomeranged and India lost Tibet. Still Tibetan people in hundred and thousands are dying in Chinese occupation. They became refugees in their home land. India is their safe destination because of its spiritual and political culture. These Chinese know nothing but making money even selling gun machines to Taliban and Al-quieda. They are using Pakistan and Bangladeshi islamists demons to disturb India and the country is suffering in a regular course.
Chinese political friends in Indian opposition particularly CPIM are out to condemn Dr. Singh for Wall mart entry. Everywhere  money ultimately matters whether one supports or opposes. Yet CPIM's political enemy TMC, a Mamata Bannerjee led party now ruling West Bengal is also vehemently opposing Wall mart entry. Its because TMC will not allow CPIM to steal the show to regain political ground.  Here again politics of convenience rules the show and not really the interest of the people.