Friday, July 15, 2011

Dr Kabir on Mumbai blast

Pakistani bastards have struck again. What jihad those bastards perform by killing innocent people on the street? Where were those bastards when muslims were being killed at Afghanistan and Iraq by hurling cluster bombs? Saale, haramzaadon himmat hai to Bush ko marke dikha, ghareeb janta ko marke kya bahaduri dikhata hai . In kutton ne saari duniya mein Islam ko badnaam karke rakkha hai.

I have a feeling that the law of our country is very weak against terrorism. This is a country where Azmal Kasab is still surviving even after doing such a hineous crime. Very funny. He should have been killed instanly. Such exemplary punishment should be given to the terrorist so that their heart tremble with fear before attempting any more attack.

I am furnishing a copy of the letter which I had sent to The Telegraph:

" The news of terrorism and killing of innocent people on print and electronic media traumatizes human minds all over the world. The film My Name is Khan has given a clear message that in this world there are two kinds of people- good people and bad people. Obviously the population of good people is much more than bad people. Time has come for the good thinking people all over the world to evolve comprehensive strategies to crush terrorism of any form be it maoist, al qaida, lashkar e toiba, Indian mujahideen, talibans, simi, jews or shiv sena. It may be suggested i) to stop all sorts of blame game to gain political mileage and figt terrorism in a concerted way ii) to introduce a subject of “Anti terrorism” in all the schools, colleges and universities. This subject will deal in the root cause of terrorism, vigilance against terrorism, how to fight terrorism, dos and donts during any terrorist attack and aftermath. iii) In all the countries, a Ministry of Anti Terrorism should be created which will deal exclusively with terrorism. This Ministry should be independent of Ministry of Home Affairs because Home Ministry is busy with many other aspects. iv)World summit should be organized very frequently to discuss terror related issues so that all the countries can work together in tandem to crush terrorism. v) There should be regular program on the TV channels and regular publication of articles on newspapers to focus on Antiterrorism.

Terrorism has crossed all limits, no more wait and watch, let us do something very positive. "