Friday, December 21, 2012

Taslima Nasreen & friends

She made a fun of words in for so called destruction of the world today as told by Mayan civilisation . She lambasted Islam and discarded obsessions of religion and upheld her faith in modern day science & technology. I replied and suggested her to be equally violent like dreaded militant outfits of Taliban, Al-Quaeda, Laskar-e-Toiba, Indian Mujaheddin. Because they only understand language of gun machines and not of peace and wisdom. My poor friend Prof. Mohit Roy is perhaps tired of staging protest rallies and meets against these enemies of civilisation. My another stupid but bosom friend unfortunately with a Muslim name and title working as a plant doctor also widely regarded in North Bengal University as a lovely 'Sir' expressed his anguish while I showed a little trust on a party like BJP despite its win in Gujarat but failed in Himachal Pradesh. The politically innocent 'Sir' once appeased Mamata ji as Ma Durga but now turned to her another foe, the BJP. He even wrote on a net screen justifying causes to be its secular standing and expressed regret for keeping safe distance by Mamata ji with it for Muslim vote. My three friends viz. Mohit, Taslima and Dr. Kabir are on the same kind of boat sailing and searching in their own ways for a world of love and peace.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Driving Towards A Sea Beach

Man proposes God disposes! What was thought of is not being done. Driving 250 km from my city of Calcutta to a sea beach named Digha by own car should have a pleasant journey. But road condition coupled with unforeseen risk may make the driving a bitter one; hence it was rightly advised by my well wishers and friends who suggested to board an express AC train. Accepted. I'll proceed tomorrow for a weekend leisure.
Its now winter in Bengal. Seasonal flowers started to blossom. Sea water looks calm and chill sun shine makes the tourists feel comfort. What is disturbing in walking through the sea beach is dirt and filth remain here and there much to the dismay of the walkers. Yet sitting on the beach and chatting with your better heart and a smiley child along with sea fish fry on a shiny day is a something different feeling. But you will feel sad  of other half of your heart if your elder boy feels uncomfort in the dwelling home. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


If a coward dies many a time, stupid dies twice. Often stupid shows courage to undo many things, but fails to succeed in one chance.  The delayed success gives it poor ratings. Yet some would console, ‘’Good attempt. Don’t get disheartened. Carry on’’. Without realising its actual capacity, the stupid goes on and on and gets a subject of discussion. After all, the monkey has the ability to climb to top of a tree, but it can’t touch the moon.  Because it’s a monkey.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Day before yesterday while I was driving accross road destined to my home my eyes were haunting for a girl whom I liked as my daughter. But she was not available what she used to stand by the side of that road earlier waiting for me to enter into my saloon car. I would always tell her to be seated behind me facing the mirror. Why was because if the car crashes from the front she would survive. I often found her in tears for some heartless guy and she would lament her passionate desires to build a small heaven to make him happy. Alas! her dream crashed and she is invissible. But my car J is plying on road as usual. Thus anything happenes unproposed by human being. The fear is often gone with the wind wating for newer one to bite. The way life goes on and on.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


The question comes to my mind why a wall mart like company is opposed in India. What this retail corporate will do harm to the Indian market? Any company takes time to popularise its brand value besides setting its own house in order. Indian opposition is up in arms why Dr Monmohan Singh sold out his country by inviting an US retailer on Indian soil. How a country of 110 million people could be sold out just by inviting a retail outlet could not be understood.

I already wrote about Chinese 3rd graded commodities smuggled into the Indian retail market and Indian consumers are regularly cheated. But Chinese whole sellers through Indian retailers are making trillions of dollars. India in sixties experienced how 'Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai' (India China are brothers) boomeranged and India lost Tibet. Still Tibetan people in hundred and thousands are dying in Chinese occupation. They became refugees in their home land. India is their safe destination because of its spiritual and political culture. These Chinese know nothing but making money even selling gun machines to Taliban and Al-quieda. They are using Pakistan and Bangladeshi islamists demons to disturb India and the country is suffering in a regular course.
Chinese political friends in Indian opposition particularly CPIM are out to condemn Dr. Singh for Wall mart entry. Everywhere  money ultimately matters whether one supports or opposes. Yet CPIM's political enemy TMC, a Mamata Bannerjee led party now ruling West Bengal is also vehemently opposing Wall mart entry. Its because TMC will not allow CPIM to steal the show to regain political ground.  Here again politics of convenience rules the show and not really the interest of the people.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Healthy Tea

Black tea and health
Tea is one of the most ancient and popular beverages consumed around the world. Black tea is more widely consumed than green tea worldwide. India is the largest producer of black tea and hence it is necessary to focus attention on black tea with respect to its health promoting attributes.
What is Black tea ? Black Tea is more oxidized than green tea The black tea making process involves and additional step of aeration of the cut, withering leaves for several hours which oxidises the flavonoids as well as darkening the leaves' colour.
Health benefits
Until recently, tea research has focused more on green tea. However, recent studies indicate the compounds contained in black tea - theaflavins and thearubigens – not only contribute to the dark color and distinctive flavor but they represent potential molecules with therapeutic implication.
Polyphenolic compounds present in black tea can protect cells and tissues from oxidative stress by scavenging free radicals. Synergistic interactions amongst black tea constituents play a major role in the beneficial effect of tea. Number of studies with black tea have demonstrated that plasma antioxidant capacity gets enhanced, 1 h after consumption of moderate amounts of tea.
Neurological disease
Reports suggest that Black tea could lower the incidence of Parkinsons disease, Theanine present in black tea increases alpha brain wave activity resulting in calmer state of mind and it also reduces stress.
Tea consumption is said to be associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes It may blunt the spike in sugar level after the meal.
Cardiovascular disease Black tea is said to reduce the risk of heart problems by cutting levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar. Studies have shown that there is risk reduction of coronary heart disease at intakes > 3 cups tea per day.
Studies suggest that Tea polyphenolics inhibit tumor cell proliferation. In addition, tea polyphenols may protect against damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) B radiation.Theaflavin and catechins modulate immune system function..
Osteoporosis Studies suggest that tea may positively influence bone mineral density (BMD) and that tea drinking may protect against osteoporosis in older women. Gastric ulcer
Tea does not cause acidity . Studies have revealed it reduces the incidence of ulcer, in experimental animals .
Anti HIV agent
Theaflavins in tea are potent anti-HIV-1 compounds. They inhibit HIV-1 entry into target cells.
Oral health
Random surveys have reported that black tea reduces the incidence of dental cavities. Polyphenols in tea inhibit bacterial growth and wards off mouth infections. Tea is a natural source of fluoride, therefore helping to promote healthy tooth enamel. Also, tannins present in black tea inhibit the growth of plaque-causing bacteria apart from inhibiting the action of salivary amylase, thus making their contribution in cavity prevention.
Immune defense
By making tea a common part of your everyday food intake you can build up your immunity. Tea won't keep you complete safe from getting sick but it can help.
Anti aging
Being a very high source of antioxidants, black tea is said to slow down aging process and age induced diseases.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Venezuela has seen a new dawn with the victory of its popular leader to the post of President of the country. The election has never been rigged and no unfair means were necessitated by the ruling party to win the election. It was a popular mandate against American imperialism and its stooges. The ruling left in that country never encouraged entry of Walmart like retail giant or any other MNCs dealing frauds in the name of Insurance and others. Yet the oil reached nation has able to resist the greedy American oil lobby and never allowed the country to become Kuwait or Iraq. Venezuela is not a safe destination for the US marines or NATO operatives. The country is waging a lone battle in a multi polar world divided over looting wealth of the poor nations and in absence of any socialist block of nations. Its now the first sun of the oppressed people to rise from the hill tops of Venezuela.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pseudo Left

Now the left is blaming Mamata of being a pseudo left. Mamata has hijacked demands of left include Marxists. No to FDI in retail chain, no diesel/ petrol/ rail fare hike. Bring back those black money piled in Swiss & other foreign banks. 

The fact remains the Bengal communists are a lot of liar and hypocrite. They masterminded in bringing a German retailer to Calcutta and cleared proposals for Ambanies to open similar shops in the city by evicting local retailers in a busy market. 

In each and every time, the government of Bengal left raised bus/taxi fares with the revision of prices of diesel and petrol and never curbed illegal hoarding of essential commodities in the state of Bengal made the suffering people no where to go. Yet they talk of opposing the Center's move and warned people of the '"pseudo left in Mamata & her party ruling the state of Bengal". They do not have any introspection.  They are not ready to take lesson from the past.    

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Insane

Insane roams everywhere. Right from the governing body of a country or organisation to a family. Amazingly, the insane speaks volumes everywhere without substance and pretends to be wise. Basically the abnormal lot enjoys good position, demands attention from others. They are out and out dishonest in thoughts and deeds. While caught, they pretend to be innocent and to have committed the wrongs under pressure; but of what? No answer.

One such story teller came closer to win me in order to draw some cash benefits. I was, however, able to recognise the insane and gladly paid some cash for her enjoyment and left the place with the remark attributed to her to be careful in spending the counterfeit notes of money. She at once gave me back the notes with the reply,  "There is a bigger insane and a fraud than me ! I must now change my ways of dealing. Its a set back for me indeed !"

I laughed and laughed at the stupid insane and happily spent those original notes by buying classic brand of cigarettes from a devil smokers' outlet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Game Indeed !

Recently a consumer affairs minister of the state government in Calcutta remarked in a traders' meet that he didn't find reason in opposing entry of American retail giants include Walmart into Indian market while Chinese substandard retail commodities were already flooded in Indian retail market. With this remark, he welcomed modern management technology and tools in retail outlets in Indian commodity markets. Organised retail chains are already in existence through Metro Cash & Curry (a German wholesale retail outlet) and many others by Indian monopoly corporates. Right from mobile phones to clothes, foreign commodities are being sold in competition with Indian goods in peaceful coexistence. The party in power in the city objects entry of FDI in retail chains but welcomed in infrastructure sector like electricity, highways etc. etc.Yet the main concern is to oppose reduction of subsidy in LPG that really hit hard to the common men. The LPG issue is not totally settled by leadership at 10 Janpath Road, New Delhi that exposed in raising demand by a central food minister against the move of the center. To the office of the PM, the principal issue is FDI in retail chain to settle which is why a clever game is played by putting both FDI and LPF/ diesel price hike in the same card. If one is forced to compromise, the other will be sorted out for acceptance under pressure. Perhaps, the straight game would have backfired. A good game indeed !

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"No To Reservation In Promotion"

For the first time in the history in independent India the Parliament heard slogan yesterday from the law makers against reservation in promotion in government jobs. Members in the upper house supporting the ruling government were up in arms against 'hurried' and 'unconstitutional bill to extend reservation of Scheduled Cast/Scheduled Tribes in promotion in government jobs with retrospective effect i.e. year 2005'. 

One major partner of the ruling regime and its national leader were heard saying. "we'll not allow to make those senior employees as junior by the  move." The opposition was so aggressive that led to the physical scuffle with other few members supporting the bill. Visible that those sellers of reservation cards in a vote bank politics are now in back foot. The ruling major party and those few promoters of reservation were also blamed to divert from the issue of corruption and coal-gate scam to the proposed reservation. From the happenings yesterday, it transpired that the move to get the reservation passed by both upper and lower house of Parliament are not going to be materialized. 

It was very much expected from a government headed by none other than a noble and meritorious economist would move the issue in a right earnest to ensure a system of check and balance in promoting the deserving efficients to find the right place in government administration in order to deliver desired result to the benefit of the citizens and address the issue of welfare measures for real needy communities including SC/ST/OBC etc. But things were moved in wrong direction that compromised the basic tenets of the constitution. As an admirer of a great teacher and economist decorating the chair of the Prime Minister, I feel bad for what was observed recently on the issue. 

Monday, September 3, 2012


She is no more visible. Her shadow reminds her presence all the time. While a kid was badly needed her sweet company she left making her boy orphan. She made him a subject of neglect and torture by the surrounding. The boy grew young with a heavy heart unlike his contemporaries.

In youth, she came back with a different face  promising not to desert him ever. She took him to river, temple and rose garden to make him happy. Suddenly, she left never to come back leaving a bunch of memories.

At last, she appeared with a broken heart promising to stay for ever. But his heart is already dried with nothing to recall her except waiting for the final bell to ring for a final departure.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Media Mediocracy

The paper tiger roars in different voice only to record its presence in the human society knowing fully well that no one would be afraid of. The media maharaja of Calcutta and its lobby are sidelined indeed. They do not cause much affect  over the vote bank of the present rulers and to shift support base to the defeated communist lords. There are lot of alternative source of information in media services available in a liberalized environment in the society. People has learnt not to depend upon one sided information passed by a section in media and cross check it through other alternatives. 

The initial effort of Mamata led state government to create environment that would reduce dependence on the corporate recharged media houses has been faced with stiff opposition from the established media baron in Bengal. The effort is largely successful. Thus the news on Mamata government's failure to protect women from the rapists, police harassment to professors, CPM cadres , university students, farmers with Maoist brand etc. failed to whip up en-mass uprising against the one and half year old state government. Because, these are issues that do not attach so much importance in a poverty stricken rural Bengal. People are more concerned over non performance of the promised developmental activities include bread, butter and shelter for the millions and billions living below the poverty line. The people here is now experiencing that a government and its ministers have become accountable to their master under a tough financial condition. An all round efforts for earning trust of the voters are visible everywhere which were absent under a political regimentation of the Bengal brand of communist rule for decades. Undoubtedly, the new government is using torn shoes left by the previous regime. The administrative system built with massive infiltration of party cadres and sympathizers over the decades has been made insensitive and corrupt. So, nothing magical change is expected unless the whole system is overhauled and root out those anti-people elements from the system in order to ensuring a good governance to upheld human rights for all squares of the Bengali lives. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Drowned in a whiskey bottle

Once I under huge pressure bowed down to drink whiskey with my friend Dilip many many years ago. The day I consumed is still in my memory. I was unable to walk or stand freely and somehow got into a local suburban train to reach my home. Sat down close to one family. The aged couple looked at me with all hatred. Remarked, "Look at our next intoxicated generation. Afraid! what kind of future citizens of our nation would run the society." He was endorsed by the veteran lady, "it has become troublesome for young ladies to roam freely now a days." The sentimental attack brought me to sense and I left my sit to hurriedly get out of the train compartment with the promise never to touch such illicit drink in my lifetime. The promise has not yet been broken. And I can assure the world that I never violated any social norms and never shown disrespect to any woman. I'm still trying my best to deliver values and behave like a true gentleman.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In The Name of Secularism

My wife offered Puja to the Hindu God and brought Prashad (sweets) and flowers to distribute among our known neighbours. There a was Muslim neighbour who refused to accept it for fear of being branded as a Kafeer (a  non-believer of Islam).My wife got hurt and left the place silently. 

On 20th, Eid festival was celebrated. Our Muslim neighbours enjoyed the festival with colours. They came to my home and begged money for organising a musical night with the trust on me that I do not hate them and inspired them to held their head high. I generously contributed much to the pleasure of the fund raisers.

The same day in Red Road of Calcutta, Mamata Bannerjee, the TMC supremo and chief minister wearing a Muslim dress joined the Namaz offered by a million Muslims and in her reply she loudly read out the long list of welfare measures she initiated for Muslims residing in  West Bengal. She was greeted by the crowd. Before she took the dais, a leading Muslim cleric lambasted her for doing nothing concrete for local Muslim population except wide range publicity. The crowd loudly greeted the cleric too. 

The Muslim population residing in Burma was massacred for their alleged anti-national attitude and activities. Similarly, migrant Muslim people in North Eastern Indian land for Boro tribes of Assam is subjected to brutality similar to that of Burma for the same reasons. 

The same sect of people inhabiting in bordering districts of West Bengal, have been forced to undertake smuggling racket in complete dismay of the Indian government and its armed forces. The counterfeit Indian currency and smuggling of tones of Indian coins to Bangladesh has created crisis in the country. Lets talk less about Pakistan. 

From the facts narrated above, it reveals that our Muslim brothers and sisters do not believe in secularism and uniform law of the land. Their dissatisfaction will diminish with the concur of a non-Muslim country like India to install a Taliban raj in place of a secular state and its government run by all faiths.   

Friday, August 10, 2012


The sellers of reservation for SC/ST are up in arms in Parliament once again to reintroduce the benefits rejected by the Supreme Court. The government neither said yes to the Apex court ruling nor opposed it. It bought time without doing anything in matter that the law framed by the court was not accepted  by issuing an office order to stop reservation in promotion in government jobs. Rather, its non action in the matter otherwise allowed or continued the benefit enjoyed by scheduled categories of staff in government department, autonomous bodies etc. The concern rises if somebody files any public interest litigation (PIL) in the Apex Court or High Court to declare those promotions given during the intervening period of the new law of the Court and new bill of the government for reintroduction of the benefit was illegal and contempt of Court, the situation may jeopardize  the vested interest of those politicians survive on selling reservation cards. The ruling regime will perhaps find no other alternative but to repeat Shah Banu episode by denouncing the judiciary and enacting a new law by Parliamentary brute majority to continue the benefit for SC/ST. Lets God save our nation !

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Growing Intollerace

In a fast moving modern Indian society a section of youths have become restless in achieving anything that may dwindle their future. Electronic gadget is one such and others are of course girls, jeans, intoxicated items, face or black book or other course of action to waste time that nothing but to destroy the generation. Ask them why such - they are prompt to reply, "you people are not of our time".

Yes, it is true. It is your time where everything is welcomed whether good or bad. There is no value addition or virtue to carry on. The crime record among youths is growing up. Teen boys are raping their fellow girls. Teachers are being abused or beaten. Youths are caught in selling illicit drug, snatching money from the pedestrians. If caught, please call our old dad or mom, the older generation to rescue. If survived, you won't get any return from this class of modern generation because they have no time or they have their own assignments. Selfishness, mean-mindedness, dishonest, arrogant, respect less etc are the other names of that section of this generation. 

Friday, July 27, 2012


As a responsible Indian, one can not close his eyes to what has been going on at juntur muntur park in Delhi by Team Anna men and women against alleged corruption in high and low places.They claimed to have possessed documents and evidences against 15 union ministers including Dr. Singh and Mr. Mukherjee or xyz. The principle accused holding the chairs of the country's top managers and corrupt parliamentarians have elected them. So the medicine for the decease is a strong Lokpal what has not so far been achieved despite Fasting or Fasting unto death staged by the activists. This is a sustained struggle received wide media publicity. But the fights waged by a few of my colleagues in our workplace against corrupt officials making money out of abuse of official powers have largely gone unnoticed. 
One such young staffer hails from Himachal Pradesh having brilliant academic background has been fighting a lone battle against one of its highly corrupt colleagues despite pressure launched by that guy's influential mates. His fight whether he wins or otherwise shall remain largely unknown alongside Team Anna. When I raised voice found those microscopic corrupt force gone underground and the culprit surrendered to my friend to avert punishment and finding illicit means to win over my friend. I believe my colleague is not a salable commodity.  

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Love That Reunited

A 70 old former Indian diplomat has married yesterday to one 59 years old divorcee -  The Statesman informed me today with a morning cup of tea. They started to live together happily with the gentleman's only daughter.The report may be read in between the lines that the lady married to one pilot and settled in Canada leaving his fiancee unmarried for 20 years in India. The gentleman patiently waited almost his entire life and did not turn up to other ladies. After 20 years, the reunion took place in the form of a sweet marriage in a simple manner in Delhi. 

What transpires from the report that ladies often become indecisive in matter of love and fall in trap of immediate gains to be apparently happy. In the process, they neither can make their present lives happy nor they can forget their past and hence unhappiness prevails throughout prime time of their lives. They often attempt to turn back when their present becomes intolerable and passionately desires to go back to the lives they left as half destroyed. Most fails to translate the old age passion into reality, except the lady like Archana Mohan. God bless them.