Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Media Mediocracy

The paper tiger roars in different voice only to record its presence in the human society knowing fully well that no one would be afraid of. The media maharaja of Calcutta and its lobby are sidelined indeed. They do not cause much affect  over the vote bank of the present rulers and to shift support base to the defeated communist lords. There are lot of alternative source of information in media services available in a liberalized environment in the society. People has learnt not to depend upon one sided information passed by a section in media and cross check it through other alternatives. 

The initial effort of Mamata led state government to create environment that would reduce dependence on the corporate recharged media houses has been faced with stiff opposition from the established media baron in Bengal. The effort is largely successful. Thus the news on Mamata government's failure to protect women from the rapists, police harassment to professors, CPM cadres , university students, farmers with Maoist brand etc. failed to whip up en-mass uprising against the one and half year old state government. Because, these are issues that do not attach so much importance in a poverty stricken rural Bengal. People are more concerned over non performance of the promised developmental activities include bread, butter and shelter for the millions and billions living below the poverty line. The people here is now experiencing that a government and its ministers have become accountable to their master under a tough financial condition. An all round efforts for earning trust of the voters are visible everywhere which were absent under a political regimentation of the Bengal brand of communist rule for decades. Undoubtedly, the new government is using torn shoes left by the previous regime. The administrative system built with massive infiltration of party cadres and sympathizers over the decades has been made insensitive and corrupt. So, nothing magical change is expected unless the whole system is overhauled and root out those anti-people elements from the system in order to ensuring a good governance to upheld human rights for all squares of the Bengali lives. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Drowned in a whiskey bottle

Once I under huge pressure bowed down to drink whiskey with my friend Dilip many many years ago. The day I consumed is still in my memory. I was unable to walk or stand freely and somehow got into a local suburban train to reach my home. Sat down close to one family. The aged couple looked at me with all hatred. Remarked, "Look at our next intoxicated generation. Afraid! what kind of future citizens of our nation would run the society." He was endorsed by the veteran lady, "it has become troublesome for young ladies to roam freely now a days." The sentimental attack brought me to sense and I left my sit to hurriedly get out of the train compartment with the promise never to touch such illicit drink in my lifetime. The promise has not yet been broken. And I can assure the world that I never violated any social norms and never shown disrespect to any woman. I'm still trying my best to deliver values and behave like a true gentleman.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In The Name of Secularism

My wife offered Puja to the Hindu God and brought Prashad (sweets) and flowers to distribute among our known neighbours. There a was Muslim neighbour who refused to accept it for fear of being branded as a Kafeer (a  non-believer of Islam).My wife got hurt and left the place silently. 

On 20th, Eid festival was celebrated. Our Muslim neighbours enjoyed the festival with colours. They came to my home and begged money for organising a musical night with the trust on me that I do not hate them and inspired them to held their head high. I generously contributed much to the pleasure of the fund raisers.

The same day in Red Road of Calcutta, Mamata Bannerjee, the TMC supremo and chief minister wearing a Muslim dress joined the Namaz offered by a million Muslims and in her reply she loudly read out the long list of welfare measures she initiated for Muslims residing in  West Bengal. She was greeted by the crowd. Before she took the dais, a leading Muslim cleric lambasted her for doing nothing concrete for local Muslim population except wide range publicity. The crowd loudly greeted the cleric too. 

The Muslim population residing in Burma was massacred for their alleged anti-national attitude and activities. Similarly, migrant Muslim people in North Eastern Indian land for Boro tribes of Assam is subjected to brutality similar to that of Burma for the same reasons. 

The same sect of people inhabiting in bordering districts of West Bengal, have been forced to undertake smuggling racket in complete dismay of the Indian government and its armed forces. The counterfeit Indian currency and smuggling of tones of Indian coins to Bangladesh has created crisis in the country. Lets talk less about Pakistan. 

From the facts narrated above, it reveals that our Muslim brothers and sisters do not believe in secularism and uniform law of the land. Their dissatisfaction will diminish with the concur of a non-Muslim country like India to install a Taliban raj in place of a secular state and its government run by all faiths.   

Friday, August 10, 2012


The sellers of reservation for SC/ST are up in arms in Parliament once again to reintroduce the benefits rejected by the Supreme Court. The government neither said yes to the Apex court ruling nor opposed it. It bought time without doing anything in matter that the law framed by the court was not accepted  by issuing an office order to stop reservation in promotion in government jobs. Rather, its non action in the matter otherwise allowed or continued the benefit enjoyed by scheduled categories of staff in government department, autonomous bodies etc. The concern rises if somebody files any public interest litigation (PIL) in the Apex Court or High Court to declare those promotions given during the intervening period of the new law of the Court and new bill of the government for reintroduction of the benefit was illegal and contempt of Court, the situation may jeopardize  the vested interest of those politicians survive on selling reservation cards. The ruling regime will perhaps find no other alternative but to repeat Shah Banu episode by denouncing the judiciary and enacting a new law by Parliamentary brute majority to continue the benefit for SC/ST. Lets God save our nation !

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Growing Intollerace

In a fast moving modern Indian society a section of youths have become restless in achieving anything that may dwindle their future. Electronic gadget is one such and others are of course girls, jeans, intoxicated items, face or black book or other course of action to waste time that nothing but to destroy the generation. Ask them why such - they are prompt to reply, "you people are not of our time".

Yes, it is true. It is your time where everything is welcomed whether good or bad. There is no value addition or virtue to carry on. The crime record among youths is growing up. Teen boys are raping their fellow girls. Teachers are being abused or beaten. Youths are caught in selling illicit drug, snatching money from the pedestrians. If caught, please call our old dad or mom, the older generation to rescue. If survived, you won't get any return from this class of modern generation because they have no time or they have their own assignments. Selfishness, mean-mindedness, dishonest, arrogant, respect less etc are the other names of that section of this generation.