Thursday, August 23, 2012

Drowned in a whiskey bottle

Once I under huge pressure bowed down to drink whiskey with my friend Dilip many many years ago. The day I consumed is still in my memory. I was unable to walk or stand freely and somehow got into a local suburban train to reach my home. Sat down close to one family. The aged couple looked at me with all hatred. Remarked, "Look at our next intoxicated generation. Afraid! what kind of future citizens of our nation would run the society." He was endorsed by the veteran lady, "it has become troublesome for young ladies to roam freely now a days." The sentimental attack brought me to sense and I left my sit to hurriedly get out of the train compartment with the promise never to touch such illicit drink in my lifetime. The promise has not yet been broken. And I can assure the world that I never violated any social norms and never shown disrespect to any woman. I'm still trying my best to deliver values and behave like a true gentleman.

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