Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Insane

Insane roams everywhere. Right from the governing body of a country or organisation to a family. Amazingly, the insane speaks volumes everywhere without substance and pretends to be wise. Basically the abnormal lot enjoys good position, demands attention from others. They are out and out dishonest in thoughts and deeds. While caught, they pretend to be innocent and to have committed the wrongs under pressure; but of what? No answer.

One such story teller came closer to win me in order to draw some cash benefits. I was, however, able to recognise the insane and gladly paid some cash for her enjoyment and left the place with the remark attributed to her to be careful in spending the counterfeit notes of money. She at once gave me back the notes with the reply,  "There is a bigger insane and a fraud than me ! I must now change my ways of dealing. Its a set back for me indeed !"

I laughed and laughed at the stupid insane and happily spent those original notes by buying classic brand of cigarettes from a devil smokers' outlet.