Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pseudo Left

Now the left is blaming Mamata of being a pseudo left. Mamata has hijacked demands of left include Marxists. No to FDI in retail chain, no diesel/ petrol/ rail fare hike. Bring back those black money piled in Swiss & other foreign banks. 

The fact remains the Bengal communists are a lot of liar and hypocrite. They masterminded in bringing a German retailer to Calcutta and cleared proposals for Ambanies to open similar shops in the city by evicting local retailers in a busy market. 

In each and every time, the government of Bengal left raised bus/taxi fares with the revision of prices of diesel and petrol and never curbed illegal hoarding of essential commodities in the state of Bengal made the suffering people no where to go. Yet they talk of opposing the Center's move and warned people of the '"pseudo left in Mamata & her party ruling the state of Bengal". They do not have any introspection.  They are not ready to take lesson from the past.