Thursday, August 2, 2012

Growing Intollerace

In a fast moving modern Indian society a section of youths have become restless in achieving anything that may dwindle their future. Electronic gadget is one such and others are of course girls, jeans, intoxicated items, face or black book or other course of action to waste time that nothing but to destroy the generation. Ask them why such - they are prompt to reply, "you people are not of our time".

Yes, it is true. It is your time where everything is welcomed whether good or bad. There is no value addition or virtue to carry on. The crime record among youths is growing up. Teen boys are raping their fellow girls. Teachers are being abused or beaten. Youths are caught in selling illicit drug, snatching money from the pedestrians. If caught, please call our old dad or mom, the older generation to rescue. If survived, you won't get any return from this class of modern generation because they have no time or they have their own assignments. Selfishness, mean-mindedness, dishonest, arrogant, respect less etc are the other names of that section of this generation.