Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Fanatics

My friend Mohit mailed me today informing Md Nazim a Maldivite citizen would be hanged to death for his only fault to desert Islam. A theocratic state never allowed other religions to practice by dint of their sahriati constitution. Yet the people of India particularly the secular brands never find time to protest those Muslim fanatics in home and abroad. The promoters of Hindu or Christian or Sikh religions are the same indifferent lots. This is the religion called Islam is fascist in nature and spirit. It denies existence of all other religions those who are seen as non-believers or kafir. So the true peace and Islam can not live together. U have to discard one. SAARC or Amnesty International or UN may inquire such a strong case on rights abuse in Maldiv and issue statement as we found their promptness  in condemning Israel for blocking Gaza strip. Let the foreign tourists land on the fascist soil only after open declaration for respecting other religions and human rights of the people of all faiths.