Friday, January 7, 2011

Scion Sarma again on Indian National Congress

On Siddhartha Shankar Ray
Excellent comments. I'll give you my personal experience. One of my friends used to work for DePenning & Depenning - Patent Consultants. His boss a tamilian was the President of Table Tennis Federation of Ubdia and was organising the 33rd World TT Championship for which the Netaji Indoor stadium was being constructed and as usual there was a delay in completion. He was to go to Geneva for the last meeting of the World Federation before the Tournament. When he was preparing to leave office to take the flight on the next day, he was summoned to the CM's office. CM asked him about the progress at the stadium and then said ' if you are asked at the meeting about the stadium what will you say? Boss said, I'll say that do'nt worry everything is under control. CM said NO. Just say that tournament will be on schedule. At the meeting, the President asked him -'is the stadium ready and Boss said tournament is possible. China had two large stadia ready and was keen to get the tournament. So the Chinese asked 'we are told that the work is far behind the target, will you be able to make it? Boss again said what he was asked to say and the tournament remained at Calcutta. I had gone to Boss to collect a Season Ticket, when he had narrated this story.

Dr Sarma's comment on Dr Sen

It is unfortunate that I am also a silent spectator of umpteen number of wrong doings including that of Dr Sen. -  Scion Sarma

My view:
Only a man of integrity and honesty has the guts to admit like above.