Thursday, September 6, 2012

"No To Reservation In Promotion"

For the first time in the history in independent India the Parliament heard slogan yesterday from the law makers against reservation in promotion in government jobs. Members in the upper house supporting the ruling government were up in arms against 'hurried' and 'unconstitutional bill to extend reservation of Scheduled Cast/Scheduled Tribes in promotion in government jobs with retrospective effect i.e. year 2005'. 

One major partner of the ruling regime and its national leader were heard saying. "we'll not allow to make those senior employees as junior by the  move." The opposition was so aggressive that led to the physical scuffle with other few members supporting the bill. Visible that those sellers of reservation cards in a vote bank politics are now in back foot. The ruling major party and those few promoters of reservation were also blamed to divert from the issue of corruption and coal-gate scam to the proposed reservation. From the happenings yesterday, it transpired that the move to get the reservation passed by both upper and lower house of Parliament are not going to be materialized. 

It was very much expected from a government headed by none other than a noble and meritorious economist would move the issue in a right earnest to ensure a system of check and balance in promoting the deserving efficients to find the right place in government administration in order to deliver desired result to the benefit of the citizens and address the issue of welfare measures for real needy communities including SC/ST/OBC etc. But things were moved in wrong direction that compromised the basic tenets of the constitution. As an admirer of a great teacher and economist decorating the chair of the Prime Minister, I feel bad for what was observed recently on the issue.