Friday, February 1, 2013


I heard from Peace TV Dr Jakir Nayek that Koran advocated for peaceful coexistence with other religions and destroying temple,church etc is considered a sin. He referred Hadith where Muslim women are allowed to entire mosque and offer namaz but separately.Islam does not permit killing of other human being on any ground which is gun-ha as per Koran also. Whatever war on terrorism is going on by NATO targeting Muslims is nothing but for oil. Dr Nayek equated Islamist terrorist or dehsatgard with Shd. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Khudiram, Surya Sen and Subhas Bose who were also termed as terrorists by British and their Indian stooges. He ununivocally condemned terror attack on Akshar Dham temple. His lectures are regularly attended by people of all sects and religions and reply queries. Its a common platform for discussing religions with Islam. Do you welcome it?

Sekhar Roy
                                                                  Dr SE Kabir replied:
Dear Sekhar,

Thanks for your nice information but terrorism can never be equated with patriotism. Is by planting bombs in a local train of Mumbai where poor citizens including women & children travel and killing them brutally .....make them heroes like Netaji Subhas Bose , Surya Sen or Bhagat Singh ? When Dr Zakir Nayek condemned terror attacks at Akshardham temple and with the same breathe he calls them Netaji Subhas Bose, this is not acceptable.
It is true that Islam never teaches terrorism. The word "ISLAM" comes from the root "SALAM" which means "PEACE". In a Sura ( Verse) of the Holy book of Quran, which is called Suratul Kaferun, Allah says " La kum dinukum wa liyadeen" which means, there should not be any conflict between the religions, you follow your religion and allow others to follow their religion. This is the fragrance and essence of Islam. Islam always preaches peaceful co-existence. It is sad that present day muslims ( many of them) has changed the definition of Islam. Now Islam is defined as a conservative religion with terrorism as a main theme.

Talibans and people like Osama bin Laden or Lashkar e Toiba has turned Islam into a dangerous religion with hatred as its key word. After Talibans came to power in Afghanistan, the first thing they did is closed all the girls schools and confined the women folk inside the house covered by BURQA ( veil). But the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad ( Peace be on him) used to take his wife Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa to the battle field and his wife never used to wear Burqa. This proves that the talibanism has defied and insulted the principles of our prophet and at the same time misconstrued the teachings of Islam.Talibanism whether practiced by Al Qaida or by Shiv Sena is deplorable.
The cry of the Shiv Sena BJP combine and Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharya that in the Madrasas terrorism is taught is totally baseless and mischevous attempt . I believe that in no madrasa , terrorism is taught or preached. The true picture of Madrasa is that the poor students who doesn't have money to go to high schools or colleges are given shelter in madrasas and they are provided with free board and lodging and they are taught quran and Hadees ( Hadith) of Prophet Muhammad. Can any one show a single verse in quran and hadith where any kind of evil work has been pronounced ? No religion teaches bad things.

I , as a muslim, have a lot of faith in Islam but I hate the leaders of Islam and Mullahshahi who very often distorts the principles of Islam. For example i) in many countries, muslim women are not allowed to vote. ii) in many mosques, the people of other religion is not allowed to enter iii) in the muslim festivals, there is lot killings of animals iv) although the first verse of quran says " Iqra bismi rabbikallaji khalaq" which means " Study in the name of your Lord" and ithas also been told in Hadith " if required go to China to gain knowledge" ( at that time going to China was very difficult because there was no aeroplane or train), the leaders of Islam , the qazi or Moulana or Imam saab of any mosque never insists on educational part of life which in turn makes the Islamic society most uneducated in the world.
I have a lot of respect for Hindu religion too because I strongly feel that it is the most liberal religion in the world. No other religion has given more respect to women than Hinduism. It is the only religion where you will find Woman GOD i.e godess ( Remember, Mother Mary is not a godess). In no mandir people of other religion is forbidden . In Hinduism there is no whip on observing religion like a school examination. Who can forget the contributions of the great people ( Hindu leaders) of our country like Swami Vivekanand, Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Ram Mohun Roy. They are really adorable. After Swami Vivekanand came back after Historic Chicago conference, he said " In India, Hindus and Muslims are complementary to each other, without one other is incomplete". What a great thought ! Hats off to Swamiji.

Dr S E Kabir
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Tea Science
University of North Bengal
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                                                                     Dr Mohit Roy reacted:
Read Koran, Hadith and history of Islam - you will yourself understand all lies of Zakir Nayek. You should know first that to a Islamist, you, the idol worshippers/ aethist have no right to exist. I thought you were intelligent enough not to be guided by any TV talk - Zakir Nayek or Ramdev.