Monday, May 30, 2011


What a sense of tranquility prevailed in my heart! My naughty kid who was about to be fired from his school for his extreme naughty behaviors ranked top among his school mates scoring above 90% marks in states secondary school exam. It has earned a good demand in a society that almost rejected him once upon a time. It was heartening to listen to those school teachers critical of my kid earnestly requested me not to transfer it to other school. It is really a good turn around and lets look ahead for his future.  

The Feminism backfired

The feminists now must learn its not the man its woman too deprives rights of the woman. The ladies who love to undermine men in general for damaging their desires, choices and passions in achieving what they like most must now repent for their senseless comments and wrong deeds. Let the good sense prevails amongst those snobby girls having devilish pleasures in condemning guys without sufficient reasons.  It’s a disease grown among working women. They do not really realize in doing so they have given birth too many Frankensteins among themselves. The fact remains that many women do not like upliftment of other women folks and block their prospect in life. In a recent case, a lady was forced to tender her resignation to her employer for reason that her due up-gradation to higher pay and promotion to a higher post was simply delayed thereby denied by one of her lady colleagues in an office establishment. The lady pretended to be intellectual followed feminist way of life and pegged many lines undermining so-called male domination in society was basically a patient of hypertension who even disregarded men and women of low profile now left none to say something aloud against injustice meted out to her. That’s the irony in this case.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dr Sarma rightly suggests

Kumari Mamata Banerjee had come to our house, amongst other houses as she was contesting election against a CPM giant like Somnath Chatterji and sought our support to win in the Parliamentary election in 1984. She won the election in a comfortable margin. I remember that in talking to my mother she went to the kitchen. As my mother was cooking on a coal-oven, Mamata  sat on the floor of the kitchen to be able to talk to my mother while my mother was squatting on the floor to make things ready for cooking. That demonstrated her simplicity. There is no doubt that her unquestionable honesty is the backbone of her strength. I think people like Sekhar Roy needs to associate with her for her success.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bengal To Breath Fresh Air

Thirteenth May Change (TMC) as some people love to call it now. What a wonderful match for Trina Mul Congress Party that is slated to dislodge the ruling Marxist Communists (CPIM) from the state of West Bengal after 34 years of unstinted enjoyment of state power and privileges. The change comes relying on its supremo Kumari Mamata Bannerjee who rose to the political height during my youth. 

My first meeting with the lady in 1984 was not pleasant. I sought her help in extending support to a section of unorganized workers and handed over a memorandum signed by a few hundred workers of her own parliamentary constituency. The workers were then bulldozed by a combine of owners and CPIM party cadres. She took the signed papers and assured nothing. Never ever she recalled those suffering workers. The next election she fought and won from the neighboring constituency and became a Union Minister. Her chariot never stopped and moved onwards until she made a situation to unseat the ruling CPIM. 

I was simply charmed with her so simple personal life style  which was not visible in case of the so-called communists ruled the state for decades. I paid respect to her devotion, honesty and simplicity. She was the real example of underclass that challenged the authoritarian rule and endangered her personal life many a time. With the grace of God and good wishes of the people she survived.  

Mamata proved that nothing was impossible to achieve on the Earth provided one fixed the target and fought to the last.  Already she proved herself to be an efficient administrator being the country’s Rail Minister. Her success as a Chief Minister of West Bengal will speak for itself. People in this part of the globe may find some fresh air to breath for some years after she takes over charges.