Monday, May 30, 2011

The Feminism backfired

The feminists now must learn its not the man its woman too deprives rights of the woman. The ladies who love to undermine men in general for damaging their desires, choices and passions in achieving what they like most must now repent for their senseless comments and wrong deeds. Let the good sense prevails amongst those snobby girls having devilish pleasures in condemning guys without sufficient reasons.  It’s a disease grown among working women. They do not really realize in doing so they have given birth too many Frankensteins among themselves. The fact remains that many women do not like upliftment of other women folks and block their prospect in life. In a recent case, a lady was forced to tender her resignation to her employer for reason that her due up-gradation to higher pay and promotion to a higher post was simply delayed thereby denied by one of her lady colleagues in an office establishment. The lady pretended to be intellectual followed feminist way of life and pegged many lines undermining so-called male domination in society was basically a patient of hypertension who even disregarded men and women of low profile now left none to say something aloud against injustice meted out to her. That’s the irony in this case.

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