Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Imposter

I've unfortunately observed an insect in disguise of a human being. But I cant kill it because it has grown at a corner of my home. The insecticide is needed to spray will obviously have a toxic effect on other elements. Hence I shall perhaps have no immediate alternative other than demolishing my home to get rid of the insect. And I'll do it sooner or later.Some wanted to pacify me to be merciful on such a God's creature and let it move out on its own.  Please give it another chance. Don't hurt it. 

 But I knew it from the beginning that insect is after all insect. It cant behave like human and cant mend its nature. It is there to increase its class to pollute the environ. The class of insect cant be a friend or trusted. It rather pretends to be like this. It will continue to damage so long it is alive. There is hardly a fellow listener who is able to recognize it without further wasting time and act accordingly. But I'm sure that the day is not far from them to cry for another deadly bite of the insect hides under cover.