Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Indian National Congress

Its 125 years of Indian National Congress. Someone like Rajani Palm Dutta, a Bengali communist in London wrote in his India Today book it was Lord Duffrin, governor general established the political platform in India through a British officer, Alan Octavian Hume in order to defuse the anger of the colonial people. It could be someone’s opinion but it can’t be a history. The Marxists have used the theory to defame the Congress Party in political interest. History suggests something different. It was Indian upper class and bourgeois were aggrieved with the un-British rule imposed by some wrong persons of British origin. After 100 years of uninterrupted British rule in India, the Congress was formed on 28th December 1885 in Bombay and it was presided over by the Barrister Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee, an eminent lawyer in Calcutta High Court. Womesh Chandra died in 21st July 1906 in his own residence in Bed ford Park, London. It was none other than Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi successfully engineered to reform the Congress into a mass based one and fathered the Indian nationalism in the sub-continent. It was Subhas Chandra Bose who brought revolutionary zeal into the national movement. It was many thousands and millions actively participated and led the movement to end the British rule. The people of the country have given many opportunities to this party to rule the country with the expectation that it will fulfill the aspiration of the people. Still a larger population dies of malnutrition, hunger and diseases. A vast majority of unemployed people have become restless day by day. Using all these, secessionist force, religious fanatics and traders of vulgarism accompanying with the enemies of this country are active in destroying the spirit of nationalism through insurgency or other destructive force. The Marxist brand of rulers have displayed their anti-people face and they have lost all credentials. The people of the country are already disillusioned with Maoists or Hindu/Muslim militancy. In absence of nation wide social movement against price rise and corruption in all places, society as a whole has become helpless and restless. People of India have reduced their trust and confidence in the established political outfits and they are eagerly looking for a savior statesman to come forward to lift a drifting nation from possible destruction. God bless India.