Sunday, July 17, 2011

Political Arrogance

Transport owners across West Bengal paralyzed the state by a day's strike demanding rise in fare structure. On careful observation of the pre-strike development, it was revealed the TMC party supremo ignored the owners' association unaffiliated to any political party. The official letter sent by the striking association to the chief minister to discuss their problem of operating bus, taxi or trucks etc. at financial loss owing to hike in diesel price by the central government was simply ignored and  the same was not even officially acknowledged, regretted the spokesman of the Association on camera. On the contrary,other association affiliated to TMC was invited to make them agreed not to participate in the strike what they obediently complied upon. Yet the strike could not averted and it was near total causing extreme harassment and suffering to the people. 

What is the writing of the wall? Onlooker summarized that either you behave as per wishes of the lords of the kingdom or perish. Either you belong to the parasites of the king else you go to hell. Any opposition to the king is an uncivilized act which may be tolerated once but not forever.

In the turmoil, lords and ladies in power found sign of conspiracy against a party in power only for 40 days. But the easy theory of conspiracy could not be established because involvement of the power-losers could not be established as yet. In fact, political opponents found it difficult to corner the powerful in the game. It is a proven fact the positive attitude of the newly elected government was found in reducing Rs.16/- cost of per gas cylinder meant for supply to the consumer and accepting revenue loss despite weak position in the state coffer. People are able to realize a state government can not do much than the gesture already shown, hence they cant be blamed. Therefore the calling of a strike to put a new government in trouble was thoughtless and an act of arrogance.