Monday, April 25, 2011

Bye Bye Marxists

Bengal Marxists are in coma stage counting their days to perish from the state power in West Bengal. The party parted away from the communist party of India in 1964 and formed a separate forum called CPIM that started struggle for landless and oppressed working class to enhance their support base with a view to ultimately raising to the state power. After so many ups and downs the party succeeded in retaining its power for long 34 years in an Indian state which has found place in guineas book of world record. With the rise of natural anti-incumbency factor and certain mishandling in acquisition of farm land for setting up new industries and unleashing reign of white terror among the oppressed class, the hero of many times became zero within a few years. Its days are numbered for fall of the great Berlin wall. The state election started in phase and record percentage of polling (85%) has been recorded across the state that clearly indicates farewell to the Marxists from the state power. It is a poll to oust CPIM  and not to support the opposition, but the opposition alliance will be the obvious beneficiary to regain the sate power. The change may not be always good but change is obvious-whether you like it or dislike.The general feeling in the state is that the honesty of the underclass is more trustworthy than dishonesty of the ruling elite class in disguise of the communists.