Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mohit K Ray
17:23 (4 hours ago)
to me
Sekhar, I do not want to debate with someone I do not know. You should have known that I do not do "bakwas", whenever I write something I do some study on it. You have been with CAAMB for somedays. You could have discussed the issue with me and then conclude. You are a typical ignorant gullible Hindu, who after being kicked by Islamists for thousand  years, still want to cover all the insults with hollow words. I shall not debate with you on this media as it is serious and already you can see the fate of  Taslima, Rusdie, Kamal Hason because of the threat from these goons and surrender of the Hindus like you. Thanks

Kabir Sayed
13:09 (9 hours ago)
to me
"Humanism" is the teaching of all the religions in the world. If a person is ready to come out of the shell of prejudice / ego / hatred, he or she can start getting the fragrance of all the religions. Some may be jasmine flavour, some may be rose flavour, some may be rajnigandha flavour. If all the fragrances are mixed, it can give you heavenly pleasure. My suggestion is to take all the good things from all the religion and try to lead your life in an assorted religious cocktail.

My views:

Mohit has perhaps not closed his memory that I was among those few hung up posters with my chest and staged protest, walked, raised slogans in front of Nandan and Kolkata Book Fair against an imam of tipu sultan mosque who threatened Taslima to blacken her face if she lands in Kolkata. I on TV camera also threw challenge to dare to do such act on her in our presence. We closely guarded Taslima who paid a visit in the then book fair and smoothly sold out her controversial books. No body dared to touch her. Yes, I was not agreed with the ways she told the story on Bangladeshi fanatic Muslims who tortured Hindus. But I was not afraid at all to face those fanatic Muslims active in this part of Bengal who threatened Taslima with dire consequence. Taslima has every right to say in her own ways in her story or poem. No one can dictate terms. I always hate those pseudo secular political parties do nasty politics by encouraging half learned Mullas and Mians those who often misguide Muslim community.  I still believe in these principles. 

I don't see any reason why we should look with hatred to the entire Muslim community just because Hindus were subjugated in Indian subcontinent for thousand years under Muslim rule. There are lot of enlightened Muslim people who are completely opposed to Talibanisation of Islam. They remain subjugated in their own community because of their liberal life style. So one has to distinguish between the fanatic and liberal. The same is for Hindus too. The enlightened class of people irrespective of religious identity must fight by all means against the enemies of civilisation active in preaching hatred against humanity in the name of religions. 

Thanks to both my learned friends.