Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Stone That Rolls Again

Tonight I may sleep with peace of mind for so many friends of mine heartily welcomed me to my workplace in the morning after long interval for my absence owing to my hospitlization for mild cerebral stroke. Its my doctors didn't prefer for early resumption of office work, but I forced to do it. In fact, I could not stay long unproductive at home just sleeping and eating etc. Stepping out of my home and asking my driver to take me to office has been felt today very normal. Now lot of my colleagues want me to share the days I suffered as patient. But I would like not to go back to those boring days and would much like to go ahead and ride on the rolling stone to venture many things undone.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Bedridden Blogger

September the 3rd, this blog writer fallen sick for mild cerebral stroke and admitted to R N Tagore Heart Hospital in Kolkata.On discharge from the hospital,everybody suggested number of things restricting my normal movement and ways of life including smoking cigarette. But why I was hit with a stroke may be for non consumption  of tablets to restrict high blood pressure for 3/4 days for reason of taking vigorous care to my hospitalized wife. My wife undergone knee operation in Apollo hospital in the city. Some said it was for carrying over unnecessary tension that led to trauma and ultimately cerebral attack. I dont know except I was admitted in hospital in full sense and thats all. Now I am confined in my home with medicare etc. Lot of my friends and relatives visited me and expressed their good wishes for my early recovery. I am thankful to them. I wish God to be kind enough  and shower blessing to them.