Friday, November 19, 2010

The Prime Minister

Recent happenings in New Delhi suggest that gentlemen have no place in power politics. Referring the state of political leadership, most of the people indicates the Indian Prime Minister can not be a corrupt. For the first time since independence the chair of the prime minister in India was decorated by a learned and honest person. A few remarks on him here and there cant convince the citizens in other way. In thousand and  one deeds, a man can commit a mistake what Indian Supreme Court indicated on his alleged negelegency and non-action on 2G or 3G spectrum. The country was convinced a few weeks ago on his prompt action against those charged for commonwealth game scam. Then what was the problem in dealing with some corrupt Tamils? Was it because of the fear for withdrawing support from the prime minister and his government? Was it because of the fear of defunct parliament engineered by a hindu party and a few others? Everything is possible. But under no circumstances, the prime minister should go from the north block of Delhi. Thats the verdict of the people.