Monday, February 25, 2013

Heart speaks

You are always in my heart. Gautam

Heart speaks

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gautam the heartless

Gautam my dear brother has forgotten me almost.For a year or more I havnt seen him neither his sweetheart daughter.I am really missing his learned company.The world of readers must know he a serious book reader and a knowledgeable is a rare example of the current generation of youth.Be happy my dear friend.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


3 stupids went to seabeach. The blind praised, "What a sunrise indeed! Listning this the lame who turned around and threatned the blind to kick him out. The bankrupt assured to spend money in thousands if needed to settle the dispute and restore friendship.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Condemn Nayek & his Co.

One Rushdi another Taslima bombard mullahs across the world by unmasking many rots and unfolding stories on the prophet with his religion. The writers are banned with a threat to kill. What I opined at that time Rushdi fomented trouble unnecessarily that capitalized by numerous troublemakers. He should have realised Muslims were not ready to accept such liberal thoughts and would react. But whatever to happen has happened. By doing so, Rushdi has made itself a man of suspect worldwide. Even his wonderful other piece of writings were also suspected by the affected class of people. So bad is bad who lives all the time in tension. Well I dont go for rescue for the trouble makers. May I put now a humble question to the world of reasons that community leaders who could not digest Rushdi how have got right to attack the god Krishna and a holy script Gita? Who have authorised them to condemn Krishna who allegedly did nasty while advising Arjuna to fight against his close relations what the fighter never wanted to do and to reject Mahabharata for stories of rioters in it? The assembly of Muslims in thousands voiced support to listen stories of hatred that the Nayek Shri Jakir in that socalled peace tv meet on Indian soil did recently. Nayek has crossed the limit and is playing with fire. So his supporters. The TV channel has turned out to be a peace breaker. What Nayek misinterpreted Gita and dirtily attacked Shri Krishna who has billions of followers across the world is deplorable. What Shri Krishna preached in Gita was nothing but to fight the wrongdoers irrespective of his relations and the Arjun had to fight for establishment of truth. I hope intelligent branches in our country have not overlooked the deeds of the troublemakers on that 'peace tv channel' and must take Nayek & his company to task before they spread much more nonsense.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nonsense spread

Just think Bandemataram song a haram antiislamic and Namaste is equally unislamic - so propagated by none other than a muslim intellectual Jakir Nayek in a peace tv meet. A polite hindu professor asked nayek whether madrassas were doing right by not allowing the patriotic song to sing at the madrassas. While the gentleman offered Namaste to the rude at the outset he was asked its meaning. Nayek went on to say a Muslim is a muslim first then an Indian.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Worshiping knowledge

Its a day celebrated to worship devi saraswati not because for a mere idol but for praying to earn knowledge and goodness of mind.The God of wisdom is a gift of Mahadeva The Shiva.Joy ho Bholenath.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gautam on debate

Goutam Chakraborty
8 Feb (6 days ago)
to me
Apt reply.
My elder brother is not only a brave heart but also a big heart.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mohit K Ray
17:23 (4 hours ago)
to me
Sekhar, I do not want to debate with someone I do not know. You should have known that I do not do "bakwas", whenever I write something I do some study on it. You have been with CAAMB for somedays. You could have discussed the issue with me and then conclude. You are a typical ignorant gullible Hindu, who after being kicked by Islamists for thousand  years, still want to cover all the insults with hollow words. I shall not debate with you on this media as it is serious and already you can see the fate of  Taslima, Rusdie, Kamal Hason because of the threat from these goons and surrender of the Hindus like you. Thanks

Kabir Sayed
13:09 (9 hours ago)
to me
"Humanism" is the teaching of all the religions in the world. If a person is ready to come out of the shell of prejudice / ego / hatred, he or she can start getting the fragrance of all the religions. Some may be jasmine flavour, some may be rose flavour, some may be rajnigandha flavour. If all the fragrances are mixed, it can give you heavenly pleasure. My suggestion is to take all the good things from all the religion and try to lead your life in an assorted religious cocktail.

My views:

Mohit has perhaps not closed his memory that I was among those few hung up posters with my chest and staged protest, walked, raised slogans in front of Nandan and Kolkata Book Fair against an imam of tipu sultan mosque who threatened Taslima to blacken her face if she lands in Kolkata. I on TV camera also threw challenge to dare to do such act on her in our presence. We closely guarded Taslima who paid a visit in the then book fair and smoothly sold out her controversial books. No body dared to touch her. Yes, I was not agreed with the ways she told the story on Bangladeshi fanatic Muslims who tortured Hindus. But I was not afraid at all to face those fanatic Muslims active in this part of Bengal who threatened Taslima with dire consequence. Taslima has every right to say in her own ways in her story or poem. No one can dictate terms. I always hate those pseudo secular political parties do nasty politics by encouraging half learned Mullas and Mians those who often misguide Muslim community.  I still believe in these principles. 

I don't see any reason why we should look with hatred to the entire Muslim community just because Hindus were subjugated in Indian subcontinent for thousand years under Muslim rule. There are lot of enlightened Muslim people who are completely opposed to Talibanisation of Islam. They remain subjugated in their own community because of their liberal life style. So one has to distinguish between the fanatic and liberal. The same is for Hindus too. The enlightened class of people irrespective of religious identity must fight by all means against the enemies of civilisation active in preaching hatred against humanity in the name of religions. 

Thanks to both my learned friends.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kabir rejects Mohit

Kabir Sayed
2 Feb (4 days ago)
to me
Mohit Roy's views are absolutely "bakwas" and not supported by evidence. No where in Quran it is said what Mohit wanted to say. He must be in his imaginary world.

My reaction:

Yes, yes. Syed Edward Kabir is correct. I found in Quran something different. Yes, it is true that Islam being the important religion of the world is against the concept of worshiping idol as a god. There is a similarity with Bible which also rejects idol worshiping. There may be many such. But that does not mean that the historical piece of books like Quran or Bible advocated to destroy idol worshipers. What is said as idol worshipers are nothing but Kafeer (non-believer) of Islam and Muhammed fought against Jews and other inhuman force to sustain as a separate community called Islamist and later signed an agreement with them for peaceful co-existence what was subsequently breached by more violent section in both communities. That's the history. 

The point is the world is divided among the followers of god with or without idol and the atheist who do not believe in god. Hence I find no qualitative difference/ rift between the former. They exist like two leafs a bud like tea. The bud is like a  god seen or unseen. The two leafs manifest idol worshipers and its opponent. New world religion called 'humanism' supersedes to all old concepts and practices of Islam, Christianity or Hindu (Vedic dharma). My friend Mohit may be surprised that my learned friend Dr Kabir a couple of years ago signed a writ petition affirming his religion as 'Humanism' in Calcutta High Court with the assistance of his lawyer Sadan Ray Chaudhuri. But Kabir said he is now a Muslim. Yet I don't find anything wrong in it. Because his broad heart and his pedigree has taught him to respect other religions. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dating with Khepa

Health has become a problem with the growing age factor for me like old. Sometime BP gets higher or its glucose goes high. The problem of reading and writing has never been a trouble for me what has caught now with visibility problem. Perhaps the mother earth is feeling pain to carry me further. She gave me life to give her back something great something helpful to others and something memorable what I miserably failed. I feel I wasted my entire life and the reason why my mother may get rid of me soon.

While looking back, I feel no one recalled days I left. The green field, rabbits, water bodies, trees and birds and also those village folks - no one is visible to say me halo. The district of laterite soil called Birbhum where I born and my childhood past is also changed. The flavour of folk culture is largely affected by rubbish electronic media. The tune of baul song that stole my heart has gone away with wind. In those days, my aunt would caution for not to be swayed with those mad singers who hypnotized with baul songs to lift kids.  Yet no one could desist me to accompany them. I ran and ran after those mads. Gour Khepa was one such. Khepa never liked remix of boul songs with so called modern music. He died recently. Now TV channels are selling news clippings on a sad demise of a great singer. Khepa has left his legacy of leading a simple life but with high spiritualism flavoured with music. While walking in dark, I search him among the countless stars on the sky

Friday, February 1, 2013


I heard from Peace TV Dr Jakir Nayek that Koran advocated for peaceful coexistence with other religions and destroying temple,church etc is considered a sin. He referred Hadith where Muslim women are allowed to entire mosque and offer namaz but separately.Islam does not permit killing of other human being on any ground which is gun-ha as per Koran also. Whatever war on terrorism is going on by NATO targeting Muslims is nothing but for oil. Dr Nayek equated Islamist terrorist or dehsatgard with Shd. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Khudiram, Surya Sen and Subhas Bose who were also termed as terrorists by British and their Indian stooges. He ununivocally condemned terror attack on Akshar Dham temple. His lectures are regularly attended by people of all sects and religions and reply queries. Its a common platform for discussing religions with Islam. Do you welcome it?

Sekhar Roy
                                                                  Dr SE Kabir replied:
Dear Sekhar,

Thanks for your nice information but terrorism can never be equated with patriotism. Is by planting bombs in a local train of Mumbai where poor citizens including women & children travel and killing them brutally .....make them heroes like Netaji Subhas Bose , Surya Sen or Bhagat Singh ? When Dr Zakir Nayek condemned terror attacks at Akshardham temple and with the same breathe he calls them Netaji Subhas Bose, this is not acceptable.
It is true that Islam never teaches terrorism. The word "ISLAM" comes from the root "SALAM" which means "PEACE". In a Sura ( Verse) of the Holy book of Quran, which is called Suratul Kaferun, Allah says " La kum dinukum wa liyadeen" which means, there should not be any conflict between the religions, you follow your religion and allow others to follow their religion. This is the fragrance and essence of Islam. Islam always preaches peaceful co-existence. It is sad that present day muslims ( many of them) has changed the definition of Islam. Now Islam is defined as a conservative religion with terrorism as a main theme.

Talibans and people like Osama bin Laden or Lashkar e Toiba has turned Islam into a dangerous religion with hatred as its key word. After Talibans came to power in Afghanistan, the first thing they did is closed all the girls schools and confined the women folk inside the house covered by BURQA ( veil). But the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad ( Peace be on him) used to take his wife Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa to the battle field and his wife never used to wear Burqa. This proves that the talibanism has defied and insulted the principles of our prophet and at the same time misconstrued the teachings of Islam.Talibanism whether practiced by Al Qaida or by Shiv Sena is deplorable.
The cry of the Shiv Sena BJP combine and Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharya that in the Madrasas terrorism is taught is totally baseless and mischevous attempt . I believe that in no madrasa , terrorism is taught or preached. The true picture of Madrasa is that the poor students who doesn't have money to go to high schools or colleges are given shelter in madrasas and they are provided with free board and lodging and they are taught quran and Hadees ( Hadith) of Prophet Muhammad. Can any one show a single verse in quran and hadith where any kind of evil work has been pronounced ? No religion teaches bad things.

I , as a muslim, have a lot of faith in Islam but I hate the leaders of Islam and Mullahshahi who very often distorts the principles of Islam. For example i) in many countries, muslim women are not allowed to vote. ii) in many mosques, the people of other religion is not allowed to enter iii) in the muslim festivals, there is lot killings of animals iv) although the first verse of quran says " Iqra bismi rabbikallaji khalaq" which means " Study in the name of your Lord" and ithas also been told in Hadith " if required go to China to gain knowledge" ( at that time going to China was very difficult because there was no aeroplane or train), the leaders of Islam , the qazi or Moulana or Imam saab of any mosque never insists on educational part of life which in turn makes the Islamic society most uneducated in the world.
I have a lot of respect for Hindu religion too because I strongly feel that it is the most liberal religion in the world. No other religion has given more respect to women than Hinduism. It is the only religion where you will find Woman GOD i.e godess ( Remember, Mother Mary is not a godess). In no mandir people of other religion is forbidden . In Hinduism there is no whip on observing religion like a school examination. Who can forget the contributions of the great people ( Hindu leaders) of our country like Swami Vivekanand, Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Ram Mohun Roy. They are really adorable. After Swami Vivekanand came back after Historic Chicago conference, he said " In India, Hindus and Muslims are complementary to each other, without one other is incomplete". What a great thought ! Hats off to Swamiji.

Dr S E Kabir
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Tea Science
University of North Bengal
Phone : 09800050770
                                                                     Dr Mohit Roy reacted:
Read Koran, Hadith and history of Islam - you will yourself understand all lies of Zakir Nayek. You should know first that to a Islamist, you, the idol worshippers/ aethist have no right to exist. I thought you were intelligent enough not to be guided by any TV talk - Zakir Nayek or Ramdev.