Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dating with Khepa

Health has become a problem with the growing age factor for me like old. Sometime BP gets higher or its glucose goes high. The problem of reading and writing has never been a trouble for me what has caught now with visibility problem. Perhaps the mother earth is feeling pain to carry me further. She gave me life to give her back something great something helpful to others and something memorable what I miserably failed. I feel I wasted my entire life and the reason why my mother may get rid of me soon.

While looking back, I feel no one recalled days I left. The green field, rabbits, water bodies, trees and birds and also those village folks - no one is visible to say me halo. The district of laterite soil called Birbhum where I born and my childhood past is also changed. The flavour of folk culture is largely affected by rubbish electronic media. The tune of baul song that stole my heart has gone away with wind. In those days, my aunt would caution for not to be swayed with those mad singers who hypnotized with baul songs to lift kids.  Yet no one could desist me to accompany them. I ran and ran after those mads. Gour Khepa was one such. Khepa never liked remix of boul songs with so called modern music. He died recently. Now TV channels are selling news clippings on a sad demise of a great singer. Khepa has left his legacy of leading a simple life but with high spiritualism flavoured with music. While walking in dark, I search him among the countless stars on the sky

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