Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year

"A weasel comes to say "Happy New Year" to the chickens"

“Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.”

"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leave"

“Here's to the bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old; here's to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold.”

Comments of Dr Scion Sarma on Indian National Congress

It is a pity that while Bengal had produced several statesmen before Independence, today, there is not a single Bengali behind whom ten people can assemble to take the country forward. The only person, who could have steered the country to a greater heights, in my opinion, was Siddhartha Shankar . Jay Prakash Narain had bred indiscipline in every sphere of life in the name of civil disobedience of Gandhi style, and the Emergency devised by Siddhartha had overnight transformed the country into a powerhouse of energy in every sphere. Unfortunately, Indira Gandhi, and her second son created such excesses that the whole idea collapsed. Rajas and Kalmaddis could not have been born if Siddhartha had leadership supported by Emergency. That is my individual opinion.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Indian National Congress

Its 125 years of Indian National Congress. Someone like Rajani Palm Dutta, a Bengali communist in London wrote in his India Today book it was Lord Duffrin, governor general established the political platform in India through a British officer, Alan Octavian Hume in order to defuse the anger of the colonial people. It could be someone’s opinion but it can’t be a history. The Marxists have used the theory to defame the Congress Party in political interest. History suggests something different. It was Indian upper class and bourgeois were aggrieved with the un-British rule imposed by some wrong persons of British origin. After 100 years of uninterrupted British rule in India, the Congress was formed on 28th December 1885 in Bombay and it was presided over by the Barrister Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee, an eminent lawyer in Calcutta High Court. Womesh Chandra died in 21st July 1906 in his own residence in Bed ford Park, London. It was none other than Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi successfully engineered to reform the Congress into a mass based one and fathered the Indian nationalism in the sub-continent. It was Subhas Chandra Bose who brought revolutionary zeal into the national movement. It was many thousands and millions actively participated and led the movement to end the British rule. The people of the country have given many opportunities to this party to rule the country with the expectation that it will fulfill the aspiration of the people. Still a larger population dies of malnutrition, hunger and diseases. A vast majority of unemployed people have become restless day by day. Using all these, secessionist force, religious fanatics and traders of vulgarism accompanying with the enemies of this country are active in destroying the spirit of nationalism through insurgency or other destructive force. The Marxist brand of rulers have displayed their anti-people face and they have lost all credentials. The people of the country are already disillusioned with Maoists or Hindu/Muslim militancy. In absence of nation wide social movement against price rise and corruption in all places, society as a whole has become helpless and restless. People of India have reduced their trust and confidence in the established political outfits and they are eagerly looking for a savior statesman to come forward to lift a drifting nation from possible destruction. God bless India.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Imposter

I've unfortunately observed an insect in disguise of a human being. But I cant kill it because it has grown at a corner of my home. The insecticide is needed to spray will obviously have a toxic effect on other elements. Hence I shall perhaps have no immediate alternative other than demolishing my home to get rid of the insect. And I'll do it sooner or later.Some wanted to pacify me to be merciful on such a God's creature and let it move out on its own.  Please give it another chance. Don't hurt it. 

 But I knew it from the beginning that insect is after all insect. It cant behave like human and cant mend its nature. It is there to increase its class to pollute the environ. The class of insect cant be a friend or trusted. It rather pretends to be like this. It will continue to damage so long it is alive. There is hardly a fellow listener who is able to recognize it without further wasting time and act accordingly. But I'm sure that the day is not far from them to cry for another deadly bite of the insect hides under cover. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Pakistan Connection

The Blame game continues between Pakistan and India. Its I heard an army dictator in exile complained that Pakistan was taking revenge of war defeat in Bangladesh in seventies by making trouble in Jammu & Kashmir. In a TV debate he blamed Indira Gandhi for dividing Pakistan by a war in the former East Pakistan now Bangladesh. He cited example why India did not intervene in Sri Lanka when Sri Lankan army bulldogged Tamil Tigers and killed their leader Pirvakaran was said to be the internal matter of a sovereign state. In case of Pakistan, Indian stand was different. The former prince of Kashmir Dr. Karan Singh lamented things would have been different had the issue not been referred to UN by Nehru or demanded for plebiscite in J & K.
To my view, both are partially true. First, liberation movement of a nation can not be exported what India fought for two hundred years and gained independence whatsoever. Such movement has to be fought indigenously with the external support, but not allowing army of other nations to liberate. Che Guevara’s venture in liberating Bolivia grossly failed. LTTE initially failed with Indian Peace Keeping Force and launched its own struggle though defeated miserably in the hands of mighty Lankan army. The insurgents made ruling party in India non supportive and arrogant for their grave mistake of killing a former Indian Prime Minister. The chauvinism or a fight for a minority nationalism devoid of Marxism, socialism or principles of people’s democracy can not last long. One can conclude that Tigers fought hard for the Tamil nationals to accept the defeat.
The question of religions of Tamils in Jaffana peninsula was not an issue. So, qualitatively, struggles of Tigers could not be equated with Islamist hot heads in Kashmir. Here, Musharaf’s argument is back fired. Neither the Liberation of Kashmir is made possible with the export of insurgency from Pakistan nor by driving out the Hindu minority from Kashmir valley and looting of their property. The true has established all the time. Recent fight between Islamist and non Islamist people of Sudan is advanced to create another theocratic state of North Sudan with Islam as a state religion. In fact, civilization and progress is halted in front of Islamist believers around the world. Nothing can be compared with these primitive sects.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Politics of Convenience

Its like your wife. You took everything from her. You created your generation, good or bad whatever. You made a home for comfort. You used every breath of her and everything. She loved and trusted you. She adhered to whatever you desired for years. She never questioned you even the voting symbol she voted for in the election after election. She mortgaged her conscience to you. She tolerated everything except insult of her soul. You blamed her of adultery and threw her out once she stopped supporting your wrongs.

Its after 34 years, people of West Bengal voted against a Marxist party to dislodge from the state power. The party despite rejection by the people failed to learn lessons and corrected its way of actions. The deadly disease called cancer has infected its entire body and nothing can cure its now. It is only counting days to be destroyed by storm.    

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Man In Need

Please don't expect anything for your contribution to a friend in need. He will obviously forget it. There is a gentleman who feels it his responsibility to render assistance to any person seeks his help. He does it if things permits. If doesn't permit he at least shares feeling of his counterpart. While extending help to some one in need it must be kept in mind you will suffer immediately or in future. But you simply do not care it. You go on doing your duty as long as you breath. Some people pretend to be the promoter of all kindness. As if he is the only surviving lot to do this on earth. Some assures of help but never help. But he is thankful for his gesture to help the helpless. You only recognise the helper while in extreme need.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A Shocking Fact

                                               Forwarded by Jagannaudha Rao and his friends
                                               Reproduced without comment

If you cross the " The North Korean " border illegally, you get .....12 years hard labour in an isolated prison .....
If you cross the " Iranian " border illegally, you get ..... detained indefinitely .....
If you cross the " Afghan " border illegally, you get ..... shot .....
If you cross the " Saudi Arabian " border illegally, you get ..... jailed .....
If you cross the " Chinese " border illegally, you get ..... kidnapped and may be never heard of - again .....
If you cross the " Venezuelan " border illegally, you get .....branded as a spy and your fate sealed .....
If you cross the " Cuban " border illegally, you get ..... thrown into a political prison to rot .....
If you cross the " British " border illegally, you get ..... arrested,
prosecuted, sent to prison and be deported after serving your sentence.....

Now ..... if you were to cross the " Indian " border illegally, you get .....

1. A ration card
2. A passport ( even more than one - if you please ! )
3. A driver's licence
4. A voter identity card
5. Credit cards
6. A Haj subsidy
7. Job reservation
8. Special privileges for minorities
9. Government housing on subsidized rent
10. Loan to buy a house
11. Free education
12. Free health care
13. A lobbyist in New Delhi , with a bunch of media morons and a bigger bunch of human rights activists promoting your " cause "
14. The right to talk about secularism, which you have not heard about in your own country !
15. And of-course ..... voting rights to elect corrupt politicians who will promote your community for their selfish interest in securing your votes !!!
16. and right to fight election for MLA or MP Hats off ..... to the .....
A. Corrupt and communal Indian politicians
B. The inefficient and corrupt Indian police force
C. The silly pseudo-secularists in India , who promote traitors staying here
D. The amazingly lenient Indian courts and legal system. That's why people like Afzal Guru are still alive, same will happen with Kasab.
E. WE self centered Indian citizens, who are not bothered about the dangers to our own country.
F. The illogically brainless human-rights activists, who think that
terrorists deserve to be dealt with by archaic laws meant for an era, when human beings were human beings.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The river Ganga is red with Hindu blood. The killers are Muslim by name those who seemed to have concurred Hindustan by killing and injuring a few innocent Hindu pilgrims in Varanashi. In fact, these fanatics did nothing to upset the nation. India is very big and could not be concurred by the foreign invaders permanently. Then what these handfuls of Islamist elements under the umbrella of Indian Mujaheddin will harm India? They are active here and there in the country because of our tolerance and democratic structure. They are destructive because our policy makers failed to declare all out war against the Islamist insurgents and to drive them out of our land. As a result, people of India suffer everyday irrespective of their religion, cast and creed.   

Trekking a lifeless life

Trekker, a hood less four wheeler, slowly ply on the roads of rural India. Its a cheaper variety for transportation of the underclass. Pedestrians come from the opposite direction of the road find only two faces of trekker's light. The rest of its body is unseen as it is overcrowded all the time. Once passengers can head way inside the car, they would suffocate due to toxic gas to come out of  Bidi, a country made tobacco stick and Chullu, a brand of country liquor. But they are habituated and don't complain. Some people cherished its riding. Some glorify travelling by a trekker and loves  to smell toxic gas regularly. On the countrary, the motor bike to cost one fifth of the trekker. Its  a cheaper variety for transportation of the underclass. Riding with a biker is breathing fresh air as any body's experience provided one can control its speed. Now choice of the passengers do matter as to what option they should like to avail. The same story is told in case of the married couple.     

Friday, December 3, 2010


“How did it get so late so soon?

 Its night before its afternoon.

December is here before its June.

My goodness how the time has flewn.

How did it get so late so soon?”

"Dont cry because its over
Smile because it happened."

“You know you're in love when

you can't fall asleep because reality is

finally better than your dreams.”

"Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mount Everest with Basanta & Party

Many thanks to Mr Basanta Singha Roy for a CD containing vidiography of their climbing and concurring the Mount Everest in the last March/April this year. Basanta the ace mountaineer and an employee in Punjab National Bank and his mate Mr Debasis Chakraborty of Income Tax Department both  hail from the working class background dreamt to concur the highest pick of the world. In translating their dream into reality, they had to arrange Rs. 72 lakhs in Indian currency which was impossible for them unless aided by some agencies including CPIM led West Bengal State Government. Both the mountaineers have exhausted their last personal resources amounting to Rs.17 lakhs only as I heard from one of their close associates, Mr. Goutam Chakraborty, an employee of the chief minister's office in Kolkata. I've no word sufficient enough to praise the gentlemen for their courageous act of scaling the Everest. But I've the best regard for these two Bengali guys for their sacrifices and success. They both aged 50 + years have proved that age was no way barrier to make it possible. Anyone can do anything if he painstakingly and passionately desires. I'm not of that group of intoxicated those who often refer a millionaire Bengali cricketer for making the Bengali nation proud. The struggle and heroic achievements of Basanta & associates are hardly promoted by the media. The CD, a publication of Moutaineers' Association of Krishnanagar, Church Road, Krishnanagar, Nadia, West Bengal is available at . Any  person interested in extending assistance may kindly contact or through their mobile 09433465868 as published on the CD cover.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Prime Minister

Recent happenings in New Delhi suggest that gentlemen have no place in power politics. Referring the state of political leadership, most of the people indicates the Indian Prime Minister can not be a corrupt. For the first time since independence the chair of the prime minister in India was decorated by a learned and honest person. A few remarks on him here and there cant convince the citizens in other way. In thousand and  one deeds, a man can commit a mistake what Indian Supreme Court indicated on his alleged negelegency and non-action on 2G or 3G spectrum. The country was convinced a few weeks ago on his prompt action against those charged for commonwealth game scam. Then what was the problem in dealing with some corrupt Tamils? Was it because of the fear for withdrawing support from the prime minister and his government? Was it because of the fear of defunct parliament engineered by a hindu party and a few others? Everything is possible. But under no circumstances, the prime minister should go from the north block of Delhi. Thats the verdict of the people.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The God Smiles !

My angel loves its lost guy. The eagerness for reunion shown on her eyes speaks volume. The world has seen her patience in accepting wrong blames. She never regretted for refusal she was awarded to by the heartless guy. To the surprise of everybody, she wished all success of her beloved guy despite she was considered as an unwanted.

God tolerates all insult to its creatures except 'unwanted'. The angel is sent as a messenger of Him. How an ordinary could brand her as unwanted was a concern to the All Mighty. He heavily came down upon the guy. The stupid broke down and accepted his guilt. The guy promised everything desirable. The angel was reunited with the human being with all fear suppressed at her heart. The God smiles and left them on the thoroughfare.            

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Destination India

American president is scheduled to land India tomorrow. Accompanied by a team of policy makers in the US administration, the president is likely to sign many deals suitable to economic progression of their country. The law of the opposite will be implemented in this part of the globe with the active support of the opposites.

The stooges split twice at a time. One at the air and other at themselves. The liar always pretends to be spoken true. Some people love to be slaves to the lords and ladies. The weak like me always throws its anger on the blog.

Last April I wrote few lines on Obama. The gentleman will now visit this country with the stamp of defeat in the House of Representatives. The writing on the wall is clear that the erosion of popularity of the Democrats may compel him to reconsider his promises and deeds for the people of America.

With the exposure of financial meltdown and consequent loss of jobs, bankruptcy in banks, insurance, motor companies, some witches in the white dominated country cursed the black guy for entering the white house. As if nothing has happened after white presidents or prime ministers in other countries took up the reigns. As if the crisis didn’t touch them at all.

It is understandable that foreign policy of a democratic country has little to do with the general voters. What matters is the domestic issues and the popularity depends on handling of those burning issues. The exit poles failed largely to apprehend the defeat of the democrats. That means the huge turn out in the election rallies does not always favourably reflects in the ballot box. No one can blame the election was rigged. Then why such erosion of popularity and consequent defeat – is a million dollar question.

The gentleman has attempted to reform insurance, financial sectors so that the common men’s interests do not hamper further. The Wall Street reform is a case in point. He did not hesitate to control outsourcing of American jobs. From the national point of view what Obama advocated was right. In order to revive the loss making corporates, he funded huge public money as stimulus. Then which lobby became active to hit him hard on the face? Who were the conspirators?

The presiding over the US administration is a riding on the tiger and its only the time when the hungry man-eater will show its ugly teeth. God bless America.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Was Jinnah Right ?

Shri Lal Krishna Advani ji was pulled up by the RSS bandwagon a few years back. His only guilt was he laid wreath on graveyard of Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. Jinnah is seen in India as a traitor who divided India, a power lover, a Muslim fanatic and a killer of millions of Hindus and Sikh Punjabis, Hindu Sindhris etc. in communal riots soon after the declaration of independence of both the countries. In India, hardly a citizen believes that Jinnah was a peace loving person, a democrat or a secular person who extended rights to non-Muslims in Pakistan. But things are presented in a different way in a section Indian print media.

The Statesman in its 17 October 2010 issue printed a write up of ‘a veteran Pakistani commentator on public affairs’ with a title Jinnah was right . The columnist informed the readers that there was an abortive attempt to suppress Jinnah’s desire for equality of religions and the freedom to practice them all without fear or favour. In his ‘famous’ address on 11 August 1947 to Pakistani constituent assembly the secular constitution of the country was supposed to be laid. And the two countries will remain as good neighbors. But his desire was buried in his graveyard.

The fact suggests that Pakistani Constitution was drafted and passed by their legislative assembly with Islam as a state religion without any protection and rights to the non Muslims while Jinnah was very much alive. The constitution was left with many gaps by which the subsequent rulers could find many scopes to amend in favour of a theocratic and dictatorial state with very little space for democracy. Those rulers found natural friends in the enemies of India and left no stone unturned to destabilize India with the slogan of Jihad. Once I heard Benazir Bhutto raised Jihad to fight India for thousand years. Lets not to mention of those army dictators cum presidents of that country those who did nothing for their country except breeding militancy either to destroy communists of Afghanistan or to destabilize India. And the country of 63 years exists with a begging bowl is unable to protect its Muslim citizens in millions affected by the devastating flood. Yet those beggars have a choice of receiving fund of 5 million dollars from India through the UN.

I don’t require filling my empty stomach with the sale proceeds of a news paper with the publication of a sensational story. After crossing over 63 years, it’s foolish to find reasonability in Jinnah and creation of Pakistan. It’s the need of the hour is to extend all support to our brothers and sisters living life in hell with no prospect and no future. The enlightened new generation in Pakistan is no way willing to recall and repeat the history only for destruction. It is the realization of the time that the human civilization is much greater than Islam, Hindu or Christian etc. The wonderful human race living on the western frontier of India is there to contribute many things in art & culture, games & sports, science & technology and new thoughts to the world. Bin Laden & its gang will face the same fate as that of Hitler, Mussolini, Bush etc. those who failed to convert their entire nationalities to racist or fanatic barbarian.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey Ram !

What a shame! What a shame as an Indian! An epic hero of Ramayana turned God to many Hindu Indians for centuries. The hero is seen as an Avatar. No one found any trace of such human being in the pages of history. There are traces of Jesus, Hazrat, Buddha, Saarnath, Chaitanya, Vivekananda etc. in the history. Each great personality of his time contributed much to the welfare of human society. Shakaracharyas in Hindu also contributed much to the cultural development of Hindu society. There are lot of great sages, poets, writers like Valmiki and Vyasdev, intellectuals and social reformers those who sacrificed their entire lives for the great causes of the humanity. In Veda or Purana and in their many parts those are the great creatures of Aryan civilisation, no character like Rama or Ravana could be found there. It was none but Valmiki the great story teller of his time created the epic Ramayana. The stories in it became so popular that ferried in the society through the ballad singers. Thus the heroic struggle of an epic character was planted as a God in the mind of listners. 

The Aryans were the new entrants in the ancient Bharat Bhumi. Civilisations of Indus, Mehergarh and Dravir  were well established in this continent. The country of golden civilisations has been attacked many a time by the foreign elements in the last two millenniums. But only a few groups of them like Aryan and Mughals did not return to their respective homelands. They enriched our land and civilisations by their contributions in various fields of human development. The Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Tripitaka, Din e Elahi and many such were their creations. But it cant be accepted that an epic character like Rama would be worshiped to cause pain for other sects or believers. Similarly, no sensible person would lend support in destroying temples of Rama at Ayoddha by the Muslim invaders. So, lets not behave like fanatic and lets be tolerant to non-believers of the respective religions. Lets live in peace.

What Allahabad High Court passed verdict was a rehabilitation and recognition to the Muslim invaders and attackers on the one hand and justification of destruction of Babari Masjid by the Hindu fanatics on the other. Whatever, there was no ready made solution to the vexed issue jostling for decades. So the warring factions must be pressurised to work out a compromise formula for the greater interest of the Indian nation.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Star In The Cloudy Sky

She is far from Partha, an young guy having beautiful mind set. She will never return from the barren land where life ends prematurely. She left her deaf & dump son in a selfish world. She died of blood cancer. Partha left no stone unturned to delay her death by spending forty thousand dollars and exhausting even his last remains. He is now drowned to debt. He is still alive with his lovely son and he moves everywhere with a happy face all the time. He never buys consolation from others and he never regrets for whatever he lost other than his beautiful wife.

At midnight I gave him a wake up call and suggested to switch on his TV set and watch an English movie DEFIANCE. On the next morning I found a message in my mobile phone, "Uncle, its unparallel" The movie upholds humanism what communist, fascist or Zionist etc. failed to deliver. Lets talk little about democracy. The movie justifies arm struggle of the people hiding in the forest and those who devoid of any preparedness for combating Nazi forces. The guy perhaps tries to find an answer in the stories he reads in the newspapers on armed actions of the ultra left forces to destabilize the Bengal's ruling brand of communist.

If one goes very close to the guy he may get his real flavour of humanity. He believes in a world of living for others who never lost faith on even a worthless lot. He never believes in lending money but extending help. His financial debt is increasing day by day for his so called stupidity. Yet he looks so tall that the debt could not supersede him.

Monday, September 13, 2010


I've seen a rare class of human being in a  girl who loves a worthless guy who has almost no future and promise for a conjugal life. She  studies chartered accountancy. Her associate a college drop out leads an erotic life style. He has already noted his good name in the police record for domestic violence and cheating. In a sex website, he has invited other girls for one to one sex. The moment the girl came to know this, the habitual liar denied the charges outright. With the unholy nexus, he has developed of taking wine frequently and spending hours. Yet he pretends to be a gentleman all the time. The efforts she painstakingly took to mend his way of life proved nothing. She has been subjected to mental torture at her home and outside. The girl has fallen extremely sick with increase of her blood pressure and caught with diabetic and lastly malignancy developed into her vocal cord threatening her life. Once a beautiful girl now squeezed with numerous diseases that exposed and restricted her movements. She is no more a good looking girl who has anything further to offer other. She is moving slowly and surely entering the place of no return. The heartless God has sent her on the earth only to cry and die untimely.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

June came back to the vision

Who says the love is dead. It cant be and it will not be. The true love never died. The moment she is vissible, it sparkes in the heart. Ask a mother how she reacts the moment she gets back her lost kid. Ask a man how he reacts the moment he finds his dissociated friend. Ask the night while it is enlighten with the sun. Ask a person who lost in the desert how he enjoys a drop of water. You will have a same feeling once you find the June comes back in the end August.  

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Friend on Pakistan

I took birth in a Muslim family. But we are Muslims WITH A DIFFERENCE. My father was a freedom fighter. During my childhood I have seen Acharya Vinoba Bhave visited our house thrice. My name is EDWARD, my son’s name is RAHUL. I was sent to a Ramakrishna Vedanta Ashram to get my first education. These facts transpire the secular nature of my parents.
I have read Quran sharif. In Quran sharif , in Surah Kaferun Allah says “ La kum Dinukum Wa Liyadin” which means “ My religion is mine, your religion is your, there is no conflict between religion”. I was deeply shocked when I read on a Newspaper that in Pakistan , few Hindu children were badly beaten up only because they drank water from a water tap of a masjid. This is not Islam. Confining females inside house, as done by Talibans in Afghanistan is also not Islam. Wife of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad…Ayesha Siddiqa used to go to the battle field. Killing of innocent people is also not Islam. My name is Khan has truly projected what Islam is. Once a Muslim gentleman of our locality was rejoicing over the defeat of Indian cricket team by Pakistani team. I asked him “Who will extinguish fire if your house catches fire, who will take you to hospital if you get a heart attack, your Hindu neighbours or any one from Pakistan ?”. Maine unse puchha “ Kya aap ko pata hai Islam ye kehta hai ki agar zaroorat pade to apni watan ke liye jaan tak qurban kar do?”. I asked him “ do you know that the Muslims who have migrated from India to Pakistan ( Muhaazirs) are treated like dogs in Pakistan ?” He realized and told “ Bhaiya, aapne jo kaha woh samajhne wali baat hai, kisine is tarah se hume samjhaya nahi”. I told him I am a great fan of Imran Khan and Wasim Akram, I am a great fan of Ustaad Mehdi Hasan, Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan but I never feel happy when our Indian cricket team is defeated by Pakistan or any other team in the world.

My perception about Indo Pak relationship is most of the people of India and Pakistan are peace loving. It was good to see that in the last Parliamentary election of Pakistan, the radical forces could garner only 3 % votes. It is indeed a very positive feature. I love the people of Pakistan but I hate the terrorists of Pakistan. I hate the Government of Pakistan for not being able to curb terrorism on their soil. I hate ISI for encouraging terrorism.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kashmir For Muslims?

With the Muslim invasion into India, Indians who converted to Islam are now denying rights of other sons of the soil. Kashmiri Sikhs for instance are subjected to harassment and fear of eviction from the hills of Kashmir. The ultimatum was issued- either embrace Islam or leave Kashmir. The media finds it a breaking news. Already Hindu Pundit community in million have been driven out of Kashmir and they are leading a miserable life in the outskirts of Delhi and adjoining states. What can be more proof of Islamic fanaticism or terrorism! 

The threat sounds similar to that of 'leave India or leave Quran' as sounded by the Hindu fanatics a few years ago. The fanatics demolished a thousand years old Babari mosque to whip up a communal passion for Hindu vote. In reaction, hundreds of Hindu temples were demolished overnights in Bangladesh and Pakistan to avenge demolition of the mosque. Hindu properties were forcibly acquired and Hindu women were gang-raped by the Bangladeshi Talibans. Hindus in millions were forced to leave these countries to become an unwanted class of refugees in India. 

While Bangladesh, with massive election victory of Awamis, revived its secular constitution and dealt strong with the pro-Pakistan elements that fomented communal attacks, the secular force in Pakistan also stated raising voice particularly after the killing of Benazir. With the landslide victory of the peoples party, anti India section in Islamabad has gone back foot for the time being. But they are now very much active in engineering anti establishment unrest in the Kashmir valley. The hoisting of Pakistani flag, showing ugly face of Islam, driving out all kafeers (non-believers) are part of the tactics of the defeated sections in Pakistan ruling establishment. But they will never win the game.

South block has delivered two pronged diplomacy in giving huge financial aids to its neighbours on the one hand and sending gun machines to eliminate the trouble makers on the other. But thing does not end here. The social network of RSS may resume its exercise in creating another Gujarat Massacre in the near future. So the government should defuse tension to protect the innocent Muslim community in order to upheld the values of democratic and secular India.    


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Arnab Goswami

The gentleman pulls up the TV journalism to an extent, the whole country feels proud of this Bengali guy. In Times Now television at a prime news time, he delivered his class and excellence in establishing the truth and principles of secular India while interviewing a Muslim political leader on arresting one Keralite Muslim leader (Madani) held responsible by the Karnataka High Court for serial bomb blast and killing of innocent citizens in Bangalore. Arnab's relentless persuasion in upholding the rule of law need to be mentioned. The Learned Court has established the guilt of the accused leader of the fanatic outfit closed to the local ruling establishment. His class of pedigree and sobriety in disposing the matter has ultimately brought the culprit to surrender to the waiting policemen. Thank you Arnab. You've shown the way to serve the nation.    


"August creates as she slumbers, replete and satisfied."
                                                                        Joseph Wood Krutch

"Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience.
Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence."

                                                                                       Hal Borland

"A life without love is like a year without summer."
                                                                                 Swedish Proverb

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Lady Lost

The lady who once stole my heart in my youth is simply missing from my heart. I realised afterwards that she never loved me truly. In a rainy day while we were compelled to be confined in a bungalow on the bank of a river, she sang, "Lag Ja Gale, firse....hansi raat ho na ho....sayad iss janam se mulakat ho na ho". I appreciated her emotion and tune and loved the song she sang. But never thought back her real intention was suppressed in it. So stupid was I! 

I dreamt of my unborn son and named it Abhiroop. But she killed my dream for ever. I still repent for my unholy association with such a person in my life. I simply wasted my time and energy which will never come back. I was in a trap of hypocrisy. Everybody, particularly the younger generation should not be swayed only in emotion in loving girl. I don't want other should be stamped like me. So, be careful of cheat and impostor in love.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Bankruptcy

The Indian government has budgeted to borrow 4.57 lakh crore rupees to meet the annual expenditure at rupees 11.87 lakh crore. The expenditure includes interest payment on earlier loan. The interest payment on this year's new loan will be an additional burden to the government. It is a matter of grave concern if any government's earning is able to meet only half of its budgeted expenditure. Despite the financial crisis the country is facing, the government hopes to reduce the fiscal deficit to 5.5. per cent of GDP from the current year's 6.9 per cent. The hopes come out of an estimate of disinvestment proceeds of Rs. 400 billion and estimate of Rs. 350 billion from 3G wireless radio spectrum auction. The government deficit is expected to be reduced mainly on the back of 'strong economic growth'. There must be an Aladdin who will bell out the country very soon. Please believe in our government as you believe in your wife.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Friendship

Sant Kabir the sufi sage of India wrote Doha to enlighten human beings. My friend Kabir has sent a message, "Dosti ho to Shree Krishna aur Sudaama jaisi ho. Bane chahe dushman zamana hamara, salaamat rahe dostana hamara. Wish u a happy friendship day..." Well! there may not be any touch of classic poetry in the lines of the stupid, the dearest friend of mine on the earth. But whatever he typed in the message has filled my heart. I'm indebted to the Almighty that I'm blessed with a friend like him.   

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mortgaging Conscience

I was, no my home was mortgaged to the moneylender. I had to wait for 20 years to release it from the lender after repaying money with interest. I feel my home, no myself is now free and the home where we breath together now fully belongs to us. We are happy that we shall no more live in fear. I can claim now there is my home situated on the earth and on a land called India, my country.

Yet I'm indebted to my country, the mother India has gifted my life and living. I will never be able to repay the debt. But am I really grateful to my mother? My mother is mortgaged to International Monetary Fund, World Bank and their mentors in Wall Street and their stooges in Mumbai and Delhi. Am I at all concerned and active in releasing my mother from the foreign moneylenders? Every Indian lives in his or her homeland with a foreign debt of  Rs.10,000/-, if not more. The internal and foreign debt is getting manifold increase in billions or trillions of dollars every year, the money perhaps will not be repaid in the near future. The debt burden has reached to an alarming proportion that has paved the way for lords and ladies of imperialism to cause frequent visits to our land to guide our managers to act in accordance with the desires of their masters. The Indian God smiles!

My personal home may now be free from mortgage but the conscience of my country is mortgaged. Only God can make all of us free.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The July

"Every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal and greater benefit"
                                                                                             - Nepolion Hill

"The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it,
 not to misuse it"                                                                     - Plutarch

"Love cures people- both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it"
                                                                                             - Dr Karl Menninger

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mrs. Hafiz

Mrs Rina Hafiz turns 73 years. She's crafted an unique image in her first ever book of short stories. Even I was tempted to write on her piece Donkey, Dog and Honeybee in this blog titled The Booked Darling. She in her own depiction told us stories of life beginning with a widow to a new born baby. In her vision she predicted life within unborn, creatures in destruction, love in hate and so on. Whatever, she has done it!

It is obvious Rina, a little known personality, after fulfilling her family commitments published a story book. The book she has written may not reach to many readers. Yet the flavour she left in her pages would surely invite readers to get closed to her creations. The land of Sudan may create Islamist terrorists, it can produce good writers too. 

You are beautiful, Rina. My love goes for your creation. Please carry forward to present us with more such stories. I smelt flavour of poetry in your stories. Are you a Poet?  Thank you Rina, once again.

Friday, July 16, 2010

She's done it!

I'm very happy to know that an ordinary house wife has turned to be a writer of late. In a world where women are still marginalised and undermined, a lady has risen its head to say something to our society. You are welcome in the queue of the male dominated world of literature. You are unknown by name to the readers now;  may be one day you will be recalled by your good name with your work. Every writer has to find its own place with utmost patience and non stop work based on huge research. Hence, the name of a little known writer is not worth mentioning.  

In my archive, the good novels sleep with many worthless lots. Yet I do not consider to throw those to the 'dustbin'. I rather inspire those mini writers to go ahead with a great conviction. So, lets live with old and new, good and bad, man and woman; lets test everything in a world of diversity.  

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Booked Darling

The darling is booked by the chosen friendly guys. She hawks beauty, dishes with beverage with some printed pieces of stories. A few lines were favoured to pour into the ears of the humming bees who were in search of the honey. The honey the guys ate and left the scene with the passion of getting more closer to the sold commodity.

The night falls. The darling was brought back to her nest for rest and relish the event. A donkey looked at the torn pieces of stories lying beneath the tree. A street dog passed urine on the pieces and left. The incident remained unknown to her. The dawn looked tired to ask the sun to find her.

The sun asked the darling why you break head to earn fame. Why don't you know who herself a long stanza of a poem why she should go for something other? You are beautiful and a gift of God. You are not a selling commodity.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Martyr Recalled

Andhra Police encountered a Maoist leader (Azad) and his comrade and killed them that has become a news nationwide. Gun fight with the Maoist terrorists by the police or para military force is nothing new in Andhra since the days of uprising of Naxalism. No one wondered on such encounter death of those violent communists. It was and it is the duty of anti-Naxal cell in Andhra government to eliminate Naxalites or Maoists whoever ruled the state. Interestingly, the same brand of Maoist party was utilised to defeat the ruling Chandrababu Naidu  government  in the last assembly elections. The late Rajsekar Reddy government largely successful in driving out the Maoists from Andhra to a great extent. The problem surfaced again in the political turmoil created after untimely demise of Reddy in a copter crash.

The death of Azad has created a controversy in the media. The ex-police and ex-para-military chiefs condemned the killing of a Maoist who surrendered to the police. Azad was said to be deputed by the Maoist party to negotiate with the central government to lay down arms and ceasefire. The correspondences recovered from the dead shows the languages for a negotiated settlement of the issues the Maoists have been struggling for decades. Both the Centre and Andra State ruled by the same party led by the Gandhi family. The state party and its government are religiously implementing the political agenda of the Centre. So, neither the state can be made scapegoat nor its bosses should be treated innocent.

With the killing of the surrendered Maoists, the sincerity on the part of the central government is under question. The Killing has pushed the rebels far from the discussion table. No one can blame them for not responding to a dialogue for a peaceful settlement of the issues in future. The government has to display its intention clear for a  solution to the issue. My sincere thanks to Swami Angibesh,  who has delivered his statesmanship through his sincere desire and effort for a dialogue  between two waring fronts for a peaceful settlement. Let us pray for a good sense to prevail for both sides. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Professor

A professor in Kerala is subjected to brutal attack by a Muslim group. His hands were cut and severe wounds inflicted all over his body while he was travelling in a car alongwith his family. The miscreants were organised by the islamist terror outfit to avenge a writing on Hazrat Muhammad in some educational question paper set by the institution. The attack on a non-believer or Kafeer of Islam considered a holy act. The professor is a christian who had violated the principle of Islam by talking or writing on Muhammad or Islam. Hence brutality perpetrated on a non-believer felt justified.

In other religions, everybody is free to discuss their shortcomings and good or bad of their Gods or Goddess. Even Muslim people often condemn or make jokes of  other Gods taking advantage of democracy and liberalism. Nobody touches them for talking or writing against Hindu/Christian Gods what is impossible in a country where Islam is a state religion. 

In England, I recall, the pedigree of Jesus Christ was questioned by the Christian intellectuals. Someone branded him a bustard as mother Merry denied fatherhood to Joseph who was told a mere care-taking father of Jesus by hiding the truth. The sainthood was promulgated on him by a dubious propaganda that his father lived in heaven. The opinion was thoroughly debated among the christian community everywhere. The intellectuals were not charged with blasphemy or other violations. There was no violent action for or against the opinion in Europe. A good friend of mine who is a liberal Muslim sent me an email containing jokes on Krishna, Hanuman etc. I never felt those Hindu Gods were insulted and planned to physically assault him. I rather enjoyed reading the text of the mail and laughed. This is how a civilized society behaves.   

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Once I named my unborn son Abhiroop. But his mother did not allow her to concieve. I closely imagined his face to be like his beatiful Ma. His eyes depthness would reveal the far unseen and unknown world of knowledge. In the dark sky, I search my son if he hides behind the  stars. In a dusty sun shine, I try to find my lost kid beneath the trees. In thousand and million voice, I would love to listen tiny voice which would .......

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Price Rise & G-20 Summit

Ask an ordinary Indian to express his/her feeling as how they cater the daily family needs. They will not reply but lambaste at the political parties ruling the government. The party does not represent majority Indians has become only qualified to run the government administration with the backing of other minor parties. They do not govern the nationalities in a country called India. So, they are not seen liable to be accountable to all the countrymen. In absence of a popular government and pro-people policies, my people are dying for want of basic necessities at an affordable price. Its still mysterious, how Atal Behari government was capable of keeping price rise under control what our present rulers miserably failed from the day one they took position in the government. 

The rulers are busy in coporatising the country's land, hills, rivers and sea. Media barons are laudable on Ambani's discovery of petroleum. But who is going to be rich with such discovery? Prices of petrol, diesel and gas are decontrolled. The corporates are very happy. Equally the ordinary people are extremely unhappy with the spurt of price rise. Public transport will hit hard and so the other essential commodities are. The story of subsidy is being spread through the media that reportedly compelled the rulers for huge hike in petroleum price. The story of global financial meltdown is also told off and on.

BBC reports flooded with appreciation calling India as an 'Asian Giant' in G-20 Summit in Canada. US President Obama termed the Indian PM a pathfinder in overcoming global financial crisis. But peaceful protesters of the Summit in Canada were mercilessly beaten and thrown into police custody. The rulers must realise that the IT revolution has also brought the citizens of the world on one side of the fence to challenge the stooges of the multi national and transnational corporations. And We Shall Overcome Someday!   

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Meaningful Life

Once I lamented to my friend and colleague to make the human life meaningful. In fact, I was tired to listen praise or adverse criticism on individual surrounding family/personal life or behaviour etc. In such situations, either you support his/her view in order to appease or oppose at the risk of breaking relation. And there is no end of it. In doing this, the small life ends without any meaning.

If one dialectically assess the personal relation, it hardly last on emotional love and sex. After some time, one will start feel such personal relation lasts under certain compulsion. Sometime, it makes a burden. But you can't leave the place or person you dislike most. The hypocrisy leads you towards a meaningless life. 

But you are always recalled once you go beyond your ' very tough real life' and try to think beyond the known way of life. You create something for the entire generation and you are recalled with respect by the world.  

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Enemy

Its very painful to imagine that my country may be ruled by those fascist Maoists. The party which could indiscriminately kill hundreds of innocent people in the name of revenge against the state power and blow up a passenger train can not be less anti-people and fascist than those Muslim terror outfits. Whatever be the ideology or whatever that may be great, nothing is important than the lives of people of India. You the killers have no right to kill them indiscriminately. You are indeed a bunch of enemy of this country and you need to be destroyed by any means. The politics of mass murder and annihilation has become obsolete now a days and you the demons are pursuing those rejected policies. Yes, it would be very sad, if the government is forced to send army to teach you people a lesson. If that happens, you will be held responsible for that blood shed and destruction of our indigenous people. Yet there are certain responsible people in the corridor of power those are not favouring for tough action against your party. They are waiting for your good sense to prevail and respond to the discusion table for any peaceful solution to the issues you raised for the tribal people. I also find reasons in raising fundamental issues concerning life and living of the oppressed people of the country including the tribals. But like many millions I also join in appealing you to stop playing with the lives of the poor people and create an admosphere counducive to a peaceful solution.   

Thursday, June 17, 2010

To Whom It May Concerned

The Indian women are very selfish. They use men on need and leave once the need is fulfilled. Some of them pose to be educated, artists, poets, writers or professionals etc. They often talk of liberty, equality, freedom possessing a sense of superiority complex. In personal life, they live in hypocrisy, failed to love a guy with full devotion and honesty. Their devilish pleasure in undermining the guys they live with and love to compare with other in order to put him/them down.

Admitting! you the ladies are half of world but never been a better half of the men. A bitter half indeed! Where you are better, you made the place heaven. Otherwise, the place is made a hell!  Where you are good friend, the relation last long. Otherwise, everything goes wrong everywhere. 

Replying Mohit

I do agree that every religious sect has its right to protect its community and must be prepared to meet any eventuality as we see RSS does it in India. The secular India has observed its brutal force in Bhagalpur and Gujarat. Hindus are not really cattle in majority part of the country except Bengal. That's the cause why Muslim fanatics in the form of Taliban/Alquida/SIMI/Hizbul/IM are indulging in minority terrorism in India. Since RSS/BJP proved to be failure as a savior of Hindus despite concurring political power in the states and Centre, majority Hindu votes switched over to the  Congress pockets in two successive elections. They are in competition with Congress/UPA in appeasing Muslim terror (political) outfits in one way or other in order to win votes what congress did in Andhra in allying secretly with Maoists. No one is true patriot. They only follow 'kamao aur khao'. No one expects them to deliver positives for Hindus/Muslims/Christians or Sikhs etc.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Barbarians

The barbarians in the Aryan sect who ruled during Brahman Tantra under the Hindu Raj in the ancient India butchered peace loving Buddhists in millions. Many Buddhist temples were demolished, many of the oppressed people were forced to leave their soil. The barbarians were largely successful in combating spread of Buddhism on Indian soil and unleashing a sense of terror. But they failed to resist its expansion in other Asian countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, Lous, Cambodia, Thailand etc similar to that of the period of Asoka where Buddhism became the state religion. It was only the Buddhist emperor Asoka who was earlier converted from Hinduism effectively and peacefully ruled India for many years. He developed a sense of national integration and good governance across the country. As a mark of respect, the Independent India puts Asoka Chakra as a national emblem. Indian foreign policy is primarily guided by the Pancha Shil ( five cardinal principles) of Buddha. Buddhists are now constitutionally treated as a  minority community. 

But power greedy barbarians subsequently fought each other which paved the way for Muslim invaders to invade India and rule for thousand years. The invaders made the Hindus marginalised. In the name concurring Hindu kingdoms one after another, Muslim barbarians massacred Hindus in millions. Their places of worships, cultures were demolished and converted Hindus by force or other tactics. Here the barbarians were defeated by more dangerous barbarians and established its solid base with expansion of Islam in Indian subcontinent.

With the erosion of Mughals, European barbarians invaded India and expanded Christianity in the country. In order to establish its colony, the English barbarians massacred Hindus and Sikhs also in millions. Muslims were largely untouched rather pampered subsequently that ultimately engineered the partition of India.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lovely Kabir

My friend is untraceable. He lives near hills and forest. He has perhaps gone off the plains. Imagine, he is now wandering undressed and lost in the dense forest. Certainly he is yet to meet any man eater and busy in talking to the wild birds, trees and deers in his melodious tone. Songs he so far sang for us were in perfect scale within certain grammatical limits. The nature does not at all care for all these scales or grammar. It only responds to a voice of the heart. Is he doing that?

Well! Adam is there, but where is any Eve? As a scientist of Botany, he is aware which plant is poisonous or sweety. So, there is no worry that he'll allow Eve to commit mistake and perish what happened in Old Testament. Therefore, I believe my friend will come out of his solitude shortly. I'll wait outside the Jungle with a carry bag containing therein a 3-piece dress but with a chappal (foot-slipper) considering his state of the foot. May God bless him! 

Friday, June 4, 2010

The June

"If a June night could talk,
it would probably boast it invented romance."
                                     - Bern Williams

"Who comes with Summer to this earth
And owes to June her day of birth,
With ring of Agate on her hand,
Can health, wealth, and long life command."
                                                   - June

"No flowers, no bees;
No bees, no flowers.
Blooming and buzzing,
Buzzing and blooming;
Married and still in Love."
                     - Mike Garofalo

"Spring being a tough act to follow,
God created June."
                            - Al Bernstein

“To read a poem in January is as lovely as to go for a walk in June”
                                                              - Jean Paul Sartre

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Fanatics

My friend Mohit mailed me today informing Md Nazim a Maldivite citizen would be hanged to death for his only fault to desert Islam. A theocratic state never allowed other religions to practice by dint of their sahriati constitution. Yet the people of India particularly the secular brands never find time to protest those Muslim fanatics in home and abroad. The promoters of Hindu or Christian or Sikh religions are the same indifferent lots. This is the religion called Islam is fascist in nature and spirit. It denies existence of all other religions those who are seen as non-believers or kafir. So the true peace and Islam can not live together. U have to discard one. SAARC or Amnesty International or UN may inquire such a strong case on rights abuse in Maldiv and issue statement as we found their promptness  in condemning Israel for blocking Gaza strip. Let the foreign tourists land on the fascist soil only after open declaration for respecting other religions and human rights of the people of all faiths.  

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Uncivilized

Bengal goes for election of civic bodies. A political battle is being waged for Sunday election. Hundreds and thousands political touts with their stooges are making our civic life a hell. The municipalities exist in urban Bengal will elect or select their lords. All eyes are on the civic body election for the great old city of Kolkata (Calcutta). The corporate backed parties are leaving no effort unattended in capturing the power to handle the finance in civic bodies. The corporate backed parties invested huge money for huge return. Hardly there is any party contesting election depend on public funding.

Once late Jamshedji Tata lamented he would rather prefer to be a politician than a business man if he was born again as a human being. Because politician does not require capital investment but false promises. Gone are the days of Sr. Tatas and Batas. Now political establishments are highly professionalised armed with the support of the corporate investment. Its a good business altogether. Some third graded people are allowed to shout in high pitch through microphone day and night making the city life hell. Big cut outs of their leaders or costly placards with wall writings on some substandard politicians would grill the civic population making life worse than hell.  No  law and order compliance. Its free for all.

The party in power may be dislodged in this election and the public will be in queue to get some financial relief from the new power brokers. But there will perhaps be no change in appeasing illegal occupants occupying the footpaths for trading goods in the name of hawkers. No change in work culture in civic bodies. No change in corrupt practices in order to hold cadres for next round of assembly election. The city of Calcutta has already lost its heritage, its culture, its language and its everything of pride. Yet power brokers are fighting hard for loot of the last remains. At this stage no magical change is found possible unless the state is ruled with great amount of conviction. Yet people cry for a change of guard of the state of Bengal.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Tagore My Tagore

It was he, the great poet philosopher Rabindranath Thakur who shaped my mind to a great extent. In youth, yes, I was able to sing variety of songs, but my voice perfectly matched with Tagore songs. I started getting popular in signing his songs in my baritone voice. It was he who made me closer to the world of poetry. Wherever I went, whoever I met, a request would come through for a Tagore song. It was my weakness I never learnt classical music. Yet I was the master in truly copying his songs recorded by Hemanta Mukherjee and my dearest Jeorge Biswas. In those days, the songs the public would listen to my voice would invariably question the name of my music teacher. My well wishers thought one day I'll be a popular signer. But I failed to fulfill their aspiration.  Now I hardly find time and energy to sing songs.

It was rhythm in his poems that inspired me to write verses. Of course, the content of my poems was different. Those were more of social perspective than personal. It was he...he..and he who moved around my head that moved me closure to the melodies of Baul singers in rural Bengal. It was he who made me to take my first human rights lesson and observe the world from all angles. The internationalism what Tagore analysed a century ago, is still relevant in the current perspective. The great philosopher of our time who could foresee the pride of nationalism will soon be faded away with the globalisation. Thus he defeated all his contemporaries in his thinking and deeds. The university he founded a century ago bears the name of Viswabharati (international). 

It was his spiritual backing that gave me extra force in my essay writing and even publishing my short stories etc. In fine, I can conclude I never felt his absence even after 150 years of his departure. His influence will continue so long I live on this earth.  

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Greed

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What a puzzle dad had to do for his spoiled kid other than searching for a supernatural power for doing some miracle? The gentleman who never believed in witchcraft or tantrik as called in India had to seek help from a tantrik to cure the kid in a magical way so as to enable it to regain its everything lost. His cowardice act was vehemently opposed by his family.

Macbeth the all powerful king had to rush to the witch to know his fate. The greed to become a king of Scotland turned a brave fighter to a coward and a secret killer. The secret greed he possessed in his heart got support from those witches and his lady at home. The readers know the tragic death of Macbeth and restoration of peace in the country.

Shakespeare sent message to the civilised world that every human being posses the evil desires to make things magically possible. If the force of Resistance in a man or woman is weakened, the evil prevails in the heart. In the same story, Branco, the friend and co-commander of the Duncan's army never believed in evil spirit or prophecies of those witches. He was brutally killed by Macbeth's hired goons. But the spirit of Branco exposed the King the Traitor, Macbeth that ultimately brought his destruction. The future showed the generation who carried the great name of Branco really ruled England instead of Scotland.

The story suggests there is no short cut to success. Only one has to be very patient and honest in his/her thoughts and deeds, the success will follow in its own course.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Love makes the human being beautiful. It never ends in individual relationship with opposite sex. It starts from loving your mom and dad. Its end up in a big canvas. The love for the blood relations, neighbours, locality and the nation has one meaning everywhere. But the love demands reciprocation what is not always visible. The non responsive love brings pains. Somebody can bear it and some not. Once the reaction for a negative love percolates down to create some positive, it is really recreated. The opposite action brings destruction. Precisely, this is the philosophy of love that remains unchanged for ages. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lessons from the Idiots

Of late, Hindi movies have walked towards maturity. 3-Idiots and My Name Is Khan like commercial works find place in the market. The popularity of these movies compels the other commercial producers to do something like. It is observed that the test of the Indian cinema lovers is undergoing change, thanks to the worthless sex and violence based Hindi movies.
Cinema is a strong media for social change. So far Indian film industry, except a few notable films, denied its positive role in building a healthy society. The spurious capital that had so far no place in the recognised economic activities invested in films to get quicker return. The mafia and substandard elements have been operating the Hindi film industry one way or other. Hence, propagation of values and virtues in their produced films are unexpected. The government investment in making good films through good makers is also insignificant. Yet those third or fourth graded Hindi films have so far been able to implement a strong agenda of propagation of Hindi language throughout the country, what political and linguistic opposition failed to resist imposition of Hindi on non-Hindi belt of the country.
With the onset of globalisation, the present generation has to find their future in an interconnected and interdependent world based on English Language where Hindi has lost all its relevance. Secondly, with the availability of satellite channels, English movies with all its technical up-gradations have given birth to a new generation with a new tests of cinema. Traditional Hindi movies now find little place to sustain in the present environment unless they change their way of making films.
The captains of the Hindi film industry considering the future of the industry as bleak has been experimenting investment in thought provoking films based on reality. And their efforts are largely successful with films like Lagan, 3-Idiot, My Name is Khan or Slum Dog Millionaire etc. With the wind of success in Hindi film of new era, the regional film makers in Indian states will also follow the line. A good days ahead indeed!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Once I wrote in a journal questioning the term "Maoism" so used now by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in order to justify their way of violent actions against the state machinery. I put forwarded my arguments based on my Marxist teaching and my arguments were debated across the political institutions in the country or outside. But I must admit that the writing though debated but failed to change the policy of the party in question. Some learned friends of mine suggested that a writer can not change the mindset of some political hotheads. I had no further comment than whatever I already put on record on Maoism.
I now say something different. The Indian state has heavily come down on the Maoist rebels in the affected village and towns. In this war my countrymen in uniform or civilians are massacred in one after another carnage. This political distrust of the innocent people are getting increased day by day. People are already squeezed by huge price rise on essential commodities. The majority Indian are directly affected with the non stop attacks by those black marketeers and hoarders. Well! they might not have died by the enemy bullets but are half dead by the price rise. But you wont hear that the hoarders and black marketeers are subjected to Maoists' attack.
Even then some political analysts say the Maoists are fighting for the rights of the tribal people in and around the forest area of the country. May be their way of actions disliked by many critics. Yet there is no proof that the Maoists are foreign agents aided by our enemy countries or groups. That means their patriotism is beyond question. Only their armed actions are condemned by the powerful and their stooges.
In my youth I saw Jaiprakash Narainji the great freedom fighter of India brought the infamous dacoits of Chambal area of Madhya Pradesh to the mainstream India. They were rehabilitated and all police cases were withdrawn in their favour by the government. Then why cant for the Maoists rebels? Why there should not be any sincere persuasion for a sustainable peace? Where is the statesman to act in order to get rid of the crisis? Unfortunately there is none. So the violence will be fought by violence and the red terror will be replied by the state sponsored white terror. And there is no end of it. The thrust for the human blood will never be ended.
In this war against the Maoists and their associates, the political managers are leaving no stone unturned in the corridors of power thereby providing dangerous opportunities to the real enemies , the Talibans or Al-Quida to divide India again on religious line. While some violent Maoists are committing gun battles for some economic gains of the tribal population in the countryside, the Talibans and their Indian mercenaries have threatened the existence of our country, our Parliament, our military, our democratic system and our people. Recently these evil force have threatened from one of our enemy lands across the border to destroy our peace loving citizens who will dare to watch our games and sports. They are regularly implementing their evil designs by committing Taj Hotel or Pune massacre and will commit so many in future.
I'm very sorry to conclude that the system in the Indian state machinery has been blaming each other and have miserably failed to protect its citizens and they may not be able to protect us in future too from the violent agents of Islam. This is because that Indian state power is yet to declare complete war to eliminate and drive out our main enemy from our holy land. The traitors are therefore allowed to cause destruction one after another to appease a section of the anti-national people only to secure the vote bank in order to sustain in power by the ruling political establishment even at the cost of the lives of our brave soldiers and innocent Indians. Hence, diversion of energy and wealth of the nation is felt essential to fight out those primitive Maoists groups by huge efforts. God bless my country India!