Thursday, November 4, 2010

Destination India

American president is scheduled to land India tomorrow. Accompanied by a team of policy makers in the US administration, the president is likely to sign many deals suitable to economic progression of their country. The law of the opposite will be implemented in this part of the globe with the active support of the opposites.

The stooges split twice at a time. One at the air and other at themselves. The liar always pretends to be spoken true. Some people love to be slaves to the lords and ladies. The weak like me always throws its anger on the blog.

Last April I wrote few lines on Obama. The gentleman will now visit this country with the stamp of defeat in the House of Representatives. The writing on the wall is clear that the erosion of popularity of the Democrats may compel him to reconsider his promises and deeds for the people of America.

With the exposure of financial meltdown and consequent loss of jobs, bankruptcy in banks, insurance, motor companies, some witches in the white dominated country cursed the black guy for entering the white house. As if nothing has happened after white presidents or prime ministers in other countries took up the reigns. As if the crisis didn’t touch them at all.

It is understandable that foreign policy of a democratic country has little to do with the general voters. What matters is the domestic issues and the popularity depends on handling of those burning issues. The exit poles failed largely to apprehend the defeat of the democrats. That means the huge turn out in the election rallies does not always favourably reflects in the ballot box. No one can blame the election was rigged. Then why such erosion of popularity and consequent defeat – is a million dollar question.

The gentleman has attempted to reform insurance, financial sectors so that the common men’s interests do not hamper further. The Wall Street reform is a case in point. He did not hesitate to control outsourcing of American jobs. From the national point of view what Obama advocated was right. In order to revive the loss making corporates, he funded huge public money as stimulus. Then which lobby became active to hit him hard on the face? Who were the conspirators?

The presiding over the US administration is a riding on the tiger and its only the time when the hungry man-eater will show its ugly teeth. God bless America.

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