Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama The President

I never considered colour of a person for any cause. Some black people became very sentimental with Obama as President of United States. In fact, colour and caste of the human race are used as tools to exploit the entire humanity. The powerful and moneyed class always remain beneficiary with these division of the people everywhere. Only the face of the ruler changes, exploitative system never changes. It is the system that produces a fit man to retain the system. And Barak Hussain Obama is the product of the same system.
The war economy of US was dwindling. People became frustrated with Bush & Co. Hence, a change of guard was felt essential by the system managers to exploit the sentiment of the Negro population and other poor people of all colours. The policy really worked. But no magical change was found. Why? The country, on the contrary, has fallen into deep crisis with financial meltdown. Millions rendered jobless. Job potential is further reduced to zero level. All happened after Obama was made a ruler of the country.
Do you think, the country's policy managers and managers at World Bank and International Monetary Fund were so fool that they were all innocent and uninformed of devastating effect of the financial crisis. The answer is negative. In order to control the peoples uprising and revolt, a face change was required with the birth of a black guy into the white house to make the people a real fool. And now the reality bites.