Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Price Rise & G-20 Summit

Ask an ordinary Indian to express his/her feeling as how they cater the daily family needs. They will not reply but lambaste at the political parties ruling the government. The party does not represent majority Indians has become only qualified to run the government administration with the backing of other minor parties. They do not govern the nationalities in a country called India. So, they are not seen liable to be accountable to all the countrymen. In absence of a popular government and pro-people policies, my people are dying for want of basic necessities at an affordable price. Its still mysterious, how Atal Behari government was capable of keeping price rise under control what our present rulers miserably failed from the day one they took position in the government. 

The rulers are busy in coporatising the country's land, hills, rivers and sea. Media barons are laudable on Ambani's discovery of petroleum. But who is going to be rich with such discovery? Prices of petrol, diesel and gas are decontrolled. The corporates are very happy. Equally the ordinary people are extremely unhappy with the spurt of price rise. Public transport will hit hard and so the other essential commodities are. The story of subsidy is being spread through the media that reportedly compelled the rulers for huge hike in petroleum price. The story of global financial meltdown is also told off and on.

BBC reports flooded with appreciation calling India as an 'Asian Giant' in G-20 Summit in Canada. US President Obama termed the Indian PM a pathfinder in overcoming global financial crisis. But peaceful protesters of the Summit in Canada were mercilessly beaten and thrown into police custody. The rulers must realise that the IT revolution has also brought the citizens of the world on one side of the fence to challenge the stooges of the multi national and transnational corporations. And We Shall Overcome Someday!