Monday, January 4, 2016

    The day next of the long awaited superannuation I would have no hurry to rush to the toilet and for a light refreshment and to run fast to find a place in a public vehicle as I  do this most of the days. The car is driven by myself only under emergency and not on a daily basis. I shall have no agony in reaching the office before the scheduled time and shall relax at home free from all tension. At my time, I may respond to have a cup of tea at the bed  and not to throw the newspaper after just having a glace on it to keep a close watch on the wall clock. The chair as set on the balcony of the 1st floor home would be unmoved for a long time having a retired man on it. The clock will follow me rather as the life will be slower than ever before.

    The passerby may ask how to pass so long hours in home without any job and I would keep my finger crossed in replying. Yet I believe I wont be able to talk or make fun with younger ones at home as they would be out of the home too either for their jobs or for a personal pleasure leaving an obsolete there. I may be expecting advice from some seniors to take refuge at the feet of the God to pass time nicely. Some would say why I should not be engaged with community service. The family would expect home service much more than I did it during my busiest office days. But perhaps no one would wait for my choice to live my own way and shall rather try to impose terms to live as per their choice.