Sunday, February 17, 2013

Condemn Nayek & his Co.

One Rushdi another Taslima bombard mullahs across the world by unmasking many rots and unfolding stories on the prophet with his religion. The writers are banned with a threat to kill. What I opined at that time Rushdi fomented trouble unnecessarily that capitalized by numerous troublemakers. He should have realised Muslims were not ready to accept such liberal thoughts and would react. But whatever to happen has happened. By doing so, Rushdi has made itself a man of suspect worldwide. Even his wonderful other piece of writings were also suspected by the affected class of people. So bad is bad who lives all the time in tension. Well I dont go for rescue for the trouble makers. May I put now a humble question to the world of reasons that community leaders who could not digest Rushdi how have got right to attack the god Krishna and a holy script Gita? Who have authorised them to condemn Krishna who allegedly did nasty while advising Arjuna to fight against his close relations what the fighter never wanted to do and to reject Mahabharata for stories of rioters in it? The assembly of Muslims in thousands voiced support to listen stories of hatred that the Nayek Shri Jakir in that socalled peace tv meet on Indian soil did recently. Nayek has crossed the limit and is playing with fire. So his supporters. The TV channel has turned out to be a peace breaker. What Nayek misinterpreted Gita and dirtily attacked Shri Krishna who has billions of followers across the world is deplorable. What Shri Krishna preached in Gita was nothing but to fight the wrongdoers irrespective of his relations and the Arjun had to fight for establishment of truth. I hope intelligent branches in our country have not overlooked the deeds of the troublemakers on that 'peace tv channel' and must take Nayek & his company to task before they spread much more nonsense.