Friday, August 10, 2012


The sellers of reservation for SC/ST are up in arms in Parliament once again to reintroduce the benefits rejected by the Supreme Court. The government neither said yes to the Apex court ruling nor opposed it. It bought time without doing anything in matter that the law framed by the court was not accepted  by issuing an office order to stop reservation in promotion in government jobs. Rather, its non action in the matter otherwise allowed or continued the benefit enjoyed by scheduled categories of staff in government department, autonomous bodies etc. The concern rises if somebody files any public interest litigation (PIL) in the Apex Court or High Court to declare those promotions given during the intervening period of the new law of the Court and new bill of the government for reintroduction of the benefit was illegal and contempt of Court, the situation may jeopardize  the vested interest of those politicians survive on selling reservation cards. The ruling regime will perhaps find no other alternative but to repeat Shah Banu episode by denouncing the judiciary and enacting a new law by Parliamentary brute majority to continue the benefit for SC/ST. Lets God save our nation !