Monday, August 23, 2010

Kashmir For Muslims?

With the Muslim invasion into India, Indians who converted to Islam are now denying rights of other sons of the soil. Kashmiri Sikhs for instance are subjected to harassment and fear of eviction from the hills of Kashmir. The ultimatum was issued- either embrace Islam or leave Kashmir. The media finds it a breaking news. Already Hindu Pundit community in million have been driven out of Kashmir and they are leading a miserable life in the outskirts of Delhi and adjoining states. What can be more proof of Islamic fanaticism or terrorism! 

The threat sounds similar to that of 'leave India or leave Quran' as sounded by the Hindu fanatics a few years ago. The fanatics demolished a thousand years old Babari mosque to whip up a communal passion for Hindu vote. In reaction, hundreds of Hindu temples were demolished overnights in Bangladesh and Pakistan to avenge demolition of the mosque. Hindu properties were forcibly acquired and Hindu women were gang-raped by the Bangladeshi Talibans. Hindus in millions were forced to leave these countries to become an unwanted class of refugees in India. 

While Bangladesh, with massive election victory of Awamis, revived its secular constitution and dealt strong with the pro-Pakistan elements that fomented communal attacks, the secular force in Pakistan also stated raising voice particularly after the killing of Benazir. With the landslide victory of the peoples party, anti India section in Islamabad has gone back foot for the time being. But they are now very much active in engineering anti establishment unrest in the Kashmir valley. The hoisting of Pakistani flag, showing ugly face of Islam, driving out all kafeers (non-believers) are part of the tactics of the defeated sections in Pakistan ruling establishment. But they will never win the game.

South block has delivered two pronged diplomacy in giving huge financial aids to its neighbours on the one hand and sending gun machines to eliminate the trouble makers on the other. But thing does not end here. The social network of RSS may resume its exercise in creating another Gujarat Massacre in the near future. So the government should defuse tension to protect the innocent Muslim community in order to upheld the values of democratic and secular India.    


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