Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Arnab Goswami

The gentleman pulls up the TV journalism to an extent, the whole country feels proud of this Bengali guy. In Times Now television at a prime news time, he delivered his class and excellence in establishing the truth and principles of secular India while interviewing a Muslim political leader on arresting one Keralite Muslim leader (Madani) held responsible by the Karnataka High Court for serial bomb blast and killing of innocent citizens in Bangalore. Arnab's relentless persuasion in upholding the rule of law need to be mentioned. The Learned Court has established the guilt of the accused leader of the fanatic outfit closed to the local ruling establishment. His class of pedigree and sobriety in disposing the matter has ultimately brought the culprit to surrender to the waiting policemen. Thank you Arnab. You've shown the way to serve the nation.    

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