Friday, October 8, 2010

A Star In The Cloudy Sky

She is far from Partha, an young guy having beautiful mind set. She will never return from the barren land where life ends prematurely. She left her deaf & dump son in a selfish world. She died of blood cancer. Partha left no stone unturned to delay her death by spending forty thousand dollars and exhausting even his last remains. He is now drowned to debt. He is still alive with his lovely son and he moves everywhere with a happy face all the time. He never buys consolation from others and he never regrets for whatever he lost other than his beautiful wife.

At midnight I gave him a wake up call and suggested to switch on his TV set and watch an English movie DEFIANCE. On the next morning I found a message in my mobile phone, "Uncle, its unparallel" The movie upholds humanism what communist, fascist or Zionist etc. failed to deliver. Lets talk little about democracy. The movie justifies arm struggle of the people hiding in the forest and those who devoid of any preparedness for combating Nazi forces. The guy perhaps tries to find an answer in the stories he reads in the newspapers on armed actions of the ultra left forces to destabilize the Bengal's ruling brand of communist.

If one goes very close to the guy he may get his real flavour of humanity. He believes in a world of living for others who never lost faith on even a worthless lot. He never believes in lending money but extending help. His financial debt is increasing day by day for his so called stupidity. Yet he looks so tall that the debt could not supersede him.

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