Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey Ram !

What a shame! What a shame as an Indian! An epic hero of Ramayana turned God to many Hindu Indians for centuries. The hero is seen as an Avatar. No one found any trace of such human being in the pages of history. There are traces of Jesus, Hazrat, Buddha, Saarnath, Chaitanya, Vivekananda etc. in the history. Each great personality of his time contributed much to the welfare of human society. Shakaracharyas in Hindu also contributed much to the cultural development of Hindu society. There are lot of great sages, poets, writers like Valmiki and Vyasdev, intellectuals and social reformers those who sacrificed their entire lives for the great causes of the humanity. In Veda or Purana and in their many parts those are the great creatures of Aryan civilisation, no character like Rama or Ravana could be found there. It was none but Valmiki the great story teller of his time created the epic Ramayana. The stories in it became so popular that ferried in the society through the ballad singers. Thus the heroic struggle of an epic character was planted as a God in the mind of listners. 

The Aryans were the new entrants in the ancient Bharat Bhumi. Civilisations of Indus, Mehergarh and Dravir  were well established in this continent. The country of golden civilisations has been attacked many a time by the foreign elements in the last two millenniums. But only a few groups of them like Aryan and Mughals did not return to their respective homelands. They enriched our land and civilisations by their contributions in various fields of human development. The Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Tripitaka, Din e Elahi and many such were their creations. But it cant be accepted that an epic character like Rama would be worshiped to cause pain for other sects or believers. Similarly, no sensible person would lend support in destroying temples of Rama at Ayoddha by the Muslim invaders. So, lets not behave like fanatic and lets be tolerant to non-believers of the respective religions. Lets live in peace.

What Allahabad High Court passed verdict was a rehabilitation and recognition to the Muslim invaders and attackers on the one hand and justification of destruction of Babari Masjid by the Hindu fanatics on the other. Whatever, there was no ready made solution to the vexed issue jostling for decades. So the warring factions must be pressurised to work out a compromise formula for the greater interest of the Indian nation.

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