Monday, September 13, 2010


I've seen a rare class of human being in a  girl who loves a worthless guy who has almost no future and promise for a conjugal life. She  studies chartered accountancy. Her associate a college drop out leads an erotic life style. He has already noted his good name in the police record for domestic violence and cheating. In a sex website, he has invited other girls for one to one sex. The moment the girl came to know this, the habitual liar denied the charges outright. With the unholy nexus, he has developed of taking wine frequently and spending hours. Yet he pretends to be a gentleman all the time. The efforts she painstakingly took to mend his way of life proved nothing. She has been subjected to mental torture at her home and outside. The girl has fallen extremely sick with increase of her blood pressure and caught with diabetic and lastly malignancy developed into her vocal cord threatening her life. Once a beautiful girl now squeezed with numerous diseases that exposed and restricted her movements. She is no more a good looking girl who has anything further to offer other. She is moving slowly and surely entering the place of no return. The heartless God has sent her on the earth only to cry and die untimely.

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