Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mrs. Hafiz

Mrs Rina Hafiz turns 73 years. She's crafted an unique image in her first ever book of short stories. Even I was tempted to write on her piece Donkey, Dog and Honeybee in this blog titled The Booked Darling. She in her own depiction told us stories of life beginning with a widow to a new born baby. In her vision she predicted life within unborn, creatures in destruction, love in hate and so on. Whatever, she has done it!

It is obvious Rina, a little known personality, after fulfilling her family commitments published a story book. The book she has written may not reach to many readers. Yet the flavour she left in her pages would surely invite readers to get closed to her creations. The land of Sudan may create Islamist terrorists, it can produce good writers too. 

You are beautiful, Rina. My love goes for your creation. Please carry forward to present us with more such stories. I smelt flavour of poetry in your stories. Are you a Poet?  Thank you Rina, once again.

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