Friday, July 16, 2010

She's done it!

I'm very happy to know that an ordinary house wife has turned to be a writer of late. In a world where women are still marginalised and undermined, a lady has risen its head to say something to our society. You are welcome in the queue of the male dominated world of literature. You are unknown by name to the readers now;  may be one day you will be recalled by your good name with your work. Every writer has to find its own place with utmost patience and non stop work based on huge research. Hence, the name of a little known writer is not worth mentioning.  

In my archive, the good novels sleep with many worthless lots. Yet I do not consider to throw those to the 'dustbin'. I rather inspire those mini writers to go ahead with a great conviction. So, lets live with old and new, good and bad, man and woman; lets test everything in a world of diversity.  

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