Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Booked Darling

The darling is booked by the chosen friendly guys. She hawks beauty, dishes with beverage with some printed pieces of stories. A few lines were favoured to pour into the ears of the humming bees who were in search of the honey. The honey the guys ate and left the scene with the passion of getting more closer to the sold commodity.

The night falls. The darling was brought back to her nest for rest and relish the event. A donkey looked at the torn pieces of stories lying beneath the tree. A street dog passed urine on the pieces and left. The incident remained unknown to her. The dawn looked tired to ask the sun to find her.

The sun asked the darling why you break head to earn fame. Why don't you know who herself a long stanza of a poem why she should go for something other? You are beautiful and a gift of God. You are not a selling commodity.

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