Monday, July 12, 2010

The Martyr Recalled

Andhra Police encountered a Maoist leader (Azad) and his comrade and killed them that has become a news nationwide. Gun fight with the Maoist terrorists by the police or para military force is nothing new in Andhra since the days of uprising of Naxalism. No one wondered on such encounter death of those violent communists. It was and it is the duty of anti-Naxal cell in Andhra government to eliminate Naxalites or Maoists whoever ruled the state. Interestingly, the same brand of Maoist party was utilised to defeat the ruling Chandrababu Naidu  government  in the last assembly elections. The late Rajsekar Reddy government largely successful in driving out the Maoists from Andhra to a great extent. The problem surfaced again in the political turmoil created after untimely demise of Reddy in a copter crash.

The death of Azad has created a controversy in the media. The ex-police and ex-para-military chiefs condemned the killing of a Maoist who surrendered to the police. Azad was said to be deputed by the Maoist party to negotiate with the central government to lay down arms and ceasefire. The correspondences recovered from the dead shows the languages for a negotiated settlement of the issues the Maoists have been struggling for decades. Both the Centre and Andra State ruled by the same party led by the Gandhi family. The state party and its government are religiously implementing the political agenda of the Centre. So, neither the state can be made scapegoat nor its bosses should be treated innocent.

With the killing of the surrendered Maoists, the sincerity on the part of the central government is under question. The Killing has pushed the rebels far from the discussion table. No one can blame them for not responding to a dialogue for a peaceful settlement of the issues in future. The government has to display its intention clear for a  solution to the issue. My sincere thanks to Swami Angibesh,  who has delivered his statesmanship through his sincere desire and effort for a dialogue  between two waring fronts for a peaceful settlement. Let us pray for a good sense to prevail for both sides. 

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