Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Professor

A professor in Kerala is subjected to brutal attack by a Muslim group. His hands were cut and severe wounds inflicted all over his body while he was travelling in a car alongwith his family. The miscreants were organised by the islamist terror outfit to avenge a writing on Hazrat Muhammad in some educational question paper set by the institution. The attack on a non-believer or Kafeer of Islam considered a holy act. The professor is a christian who had violated the principle of Islam by talking or writing on Muhammad or Islam. Hence brutality perpetrated on a non-believer felt justified.

In other religions, everybody is free to discuss their shortcomings and good or bad of their Gods or Goddess. Even Muslim people often condemn or make jokes of  other Gods taking advantage of democracy and liberalism. Nobody touches them for talking or writing against Hindu/Christian Gods what is impossible in a country where Islam is a state religion. 

In England, I recall, the pedigree of Jesus Christ was questioned by the Christian intellectuals. Someone branded him a bustard as mother Merry denied fatherhood to Joseph who was told a mere care-taking father of Jesus by hiding the truth. The sainthood was promulgated on him by a dubious propaganda that his father lived in heaven. The opinion was thoroughly debated among the christian community everywhere. The intellectuals were not charged with blasphemy or other violations. There was no violent action for or against the opinion in Europe. A good friend of mine who is a liberal Muslim sent me an email containing jokes on Krishna, Hanuman etc. I never felt those Hindu Gods were insulted and planned to physically assault him. I rather enjoyed reading the text of the mail and laughed. This is how a civilized society behaves.   

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