Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Meaningful Life

Once I lamented to my friend and colleague to make the human life meaningful. In fact, I was tired to listen praise or adverse criticism on individual surrounding family/personal life or behaviour etc. In such situations, either you support his/her view in order to appease or oppose at the risk of breaking relation. And there is no end of it. In doing this, the small life ends without any meaning.

If one dialectically assess the personal relation, it hardly last on emotional love and sex. After some time, one will start feel such personal relation lasts under certain compulsion. Sometime, it makes a burden. But you can't leave the place or person you dislike most. The hypocrisy leads you towards a meaningless life. 

But you are always recalled once you go beyond your ' very tough real life' and try to think beyond the known way of life. You create something for the entire generation and you are recalled with respect by the world.  

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