Monday, June 21, 2010

The Enemy

Its very painful to imagine that my country may be ruled by those fascist Maoists. The party which could indiscriminately kill hundreds of innocent people in the name of revenge against the state power and blow up a passenger train can not be less anti-people and fascist than those Muslim terror outfits. Whatever be the ideology or whatever that may be great, nothing is important than the lives of people of India. You the killers have no right to kill them indiscriminately. You are indeed a bunch of enemy of this country and you need to be destroyed by any means. The politics of mass murder and annihilation has become obsolete now a days and you the demons are pursuing those rejected policies. Yes, it would be very sad, if the government is forced to send army to teach you people a lesson. If that happens, you will be held responsible for that blood shed and destruction of our indigenous people. Yet there are certain responsible people in the corridor of power those are not favouring for tough action against your party. They are waiting for your good sense to prevail and respond to the discusion table for any peaceful solution to the issues you raised for the tribal people. I also find reasons in raising fundamental issues concerning life and living of the oppressed people of the country including the tribals. But like many millions I also join in appealing you to stop playing with the lives of the poor people and create an admosphere counducive to a peaceful solution.   

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