Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Greed

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What a puzzle dad had to do for his spoiled kid other than searching for a supernatural power for doing some miracle? The gentleman who never believed in witchcraft or tantrik as called in India had to seek help from a tantrik to cure the kid in a magical way so as to enable it to regain its everything lost. His cowardice act was vehemently opposed by his family.

Macbeth the all powerful king had to rush to the witch to know his fate. The greed to become a king of Scotland turned a brave fighter to a coward and a secret killer. The secret greed he possessed in his heart got support from those witches and his lady at home. The readers know the tragic death of Macbeth and restoration of peace in the country.

Shakespeare sent message to the civilised world that every human being posses the evil desires to make things magically possible. If the force of Resistance in a man or woman is weakened, the evil prevails in the heart. In the same story, Branco, the friend and co-commander of the Duncan's army never believed in evil spirit or prophecies of those witches. He was brutally killed by Macbeth's hired goons. But the spirit of Branco exposed the King the Traitor, Macbeth that ultimately brought his destruction. The future showed the generation who carried the great name of Branco really ruled England instead of Scotland.

The story suggests there is no short cut to success. Only one has to be very patient and honest in his/her thoughts and deeds, the success will follow in its own course.

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