Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Lady Lost

The lady who once stole my heart in my youth is simply missing from my heart. I realised afterwards that she never loved me truly. In a rainy day while we were compelled to be confined in a bungalow on the bank of a river, she sang, "Lag Ja Gale, firse....hansi raat ho na ho....sayad iss janam se mulakat ho na ho". I appreciated her emotion and tune and loved the song she sang. But never thought back her real intention was suppressed in it. So stupid was I! 

I dreamt of my unborn son and named it Abhiroop. But she killed my dream for ever. I still repent for my unholy association with such a person in my life. I simply wasted my time and energy which will never come back. I was in a trap of hypocrisy. Everybody, particularly the younger generation should not be swayed only in emotion in loving girl. I don't want other should be stamped like me. So, be careful of cheat and impostor in love.

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