Thursday, February 18, 2010


Once I wrote in a journal questioning the term "Maoism" so used now by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in order to justify their way of violent actions against the state machinery. I put forwarded my arguments based on my Marxist teaching and my arguments were debated across the political institutions in the country or outside. But I must admit that the writing though debated but failed to change the policy of the party in question. Some learned friends of mine suggested that a writer can not change the mindset of some political hotheads. I had no further comment than whatever I already put on record on Maoism.
I now say something different. The Indian state has heavily come down on the Maoist rebels in the affected village and towns. In this war my countrymen in uniform or civilians are massacred in one after another carnage. This political distrust of the innocent people are getting increased day by day. People are already squeezed by huge price rise on essential commodities. The majority Indian are directly affected with the non stop attacks by those black marketeers and hoarders. Well! they might not have died by the enemy bullets but are half dead by the price rise. But you wont hear that the hoarders and black marketeers are subjected to Maoists' attack.
Even then some political analysts say the Maoists are fighting for the rights of the tribal people in and around the forest area of the country. May be their way of actions disliked by many critics. Yet there is no proof that the Maoists are foreign agents aided by our enemy countries or groups. That means their patriotism is beyond question. Only their armed actions are condemned by the powerful and their stooges.
In my youth I saw Jaiprakash Narainji the great freedom fighter of India brought the infamous dacoits of Chambal area of Madhya Pradesh to the mainstream India. They were rehabilitated and all police cases were withdrawn in their favour by the government. Then why cant for the Maoists rebels? Why there should not be any sincere persuasion for a sustainable peace? Where is the statesman to act in order to get rid of the crisis? Unfortunately there is none. So the violence will be fought by violence and the red terror will be replied by the state sponsored white terror. And there is no end of it. The thrust for the human blood will never be ended.
In this war against the Maoists and their associates, the political managers are leaving no stone unturned in the corridors of power thereby providing dangerous opportunities to the real enemies , the Talibans or Al-Quida to divide India again on religious line. While some violent Maoists are committing gun battles for some economic gains of the tribal population in the countryside, the Talibans and their Indian mercenaries have threatened the existence of our country, our Parliament, our military, our democratic system and our people. Recently these evil force have threatened from one of our enemy lands across the border to destroy our peace loving citizens who will dare to watch our games and sports. They are regularly implementing their evil designs by committing Taj Hotel or Pune massacre and will commit so many in future.
I'm very sorry to conclude that the system in the Indian state machinery has been blaming each other and have miserably failed to protect its citizens and they may not be able to protect us in future too from the violent agents of Islam. This is because that Indian state power is yet to declare complete war to eliminate and drive out our main enemy from our holy land. The traitors are therefore allowed to cause destruction one after another to appease a section of the anti-national people only to secure the vote bank in order to sustain in power by the ruling political establishment even at the cost of the lives of our brave soldiers and innocent Indians. Hence, diversion of energy and wealth of the nation is felt essential to fight out those primitive Maoists groups by huge efforts. God bless my country India!

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